6 Steamy TV Shows To Watch If You’ve Finished ‘Sex/Life’ & Want More

Turn up the heat.

Did you binge-watch Netflix’s Sex/Life this week? If you did, you’re probably looking for your next steamy, sexy show to watch next. 

But steamy shows like Sex/Life can’t just be about sex. We’re gripped because there’s (at least somewhat of) a storyline, with actors who have chemistry and a plot we want to see resolved. 

Here are the TV shows to watch if you’ve finished Sex/Life and want more erotic, but plot-driven, stuff to watch.

The Girlfriend Experience

A Starz series streaming in Australia on Stan, The Girlfriend Experience has two seasons currently, and follows a different high-end escorts and their client interactions. 

Obviously, this makes the show very steamy like Sex/Life, but the acting is impeccable and with Steven Soderbergh as executive producer, it’s also shot beautifully.

the girlfriend experience

The Beautiful Lie

This six-part Australian series is currently streaming on Netflix, and follows a very similar story to Sex/Life. It’s based on the book Anna Karenina, and follows a woman who leaves her husband for another man – and has hot sex in the process.

beautiful lie


Set in a high class brothel in Australia, Satisfaction follows the sex workers employed at the business as they navigate clients, personal/professional life, and ambitions. It’s very, very sexy and very NSFW. It’s currently streaming on Binge.



If you haven’t watched Bridgerton yet, now is the time. If you’ve forgotten how hot the sex scenes between Daphne and the Duke were, maybe it’s time for a re-watch. It’s streaming on Netflix in Australia.Ess



While Elite is definitely a teen series, it’s actually got quite a lot of sex throughout. Set in a Spanish boarding school, and follows the relationships of the students – including a lot of sex. It’s kind of like Gossip Girl but next level.



Similar to Bridgerton, Outlander takes us back to a time gone by, and gives us romance, adventure… and lots of sex. This series became famous thanks to the on-screen chemistry between the characters of Claire and Jamie Fraser, and for good reason.


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