Which Streaming Service Is Your Perfect Viewing Match?

Truly spoilt for choice.

It’s almost hard to recall a time when we would wait with bated anticipation for the next episode of our favourite show to air in its allocated time slot, just once a week.

Now, we’re completely spoilt for choice – something that’s not always a good thing, particularly if you’re a token Libra.

Not only can we access a wide-ranging library of shows and movies, both classics and new releases, but most of us have more than one streaming site at our disposal for those particularly rainy days.

With so many streaming options to choose from now, you may be considering making a switch or adding a second (or third, or fourth) to your repertoire.

Like a perfectly crafted dating profile, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, Binge, Disney+ and Apple TV+ below so you can compare which site suits you best.



Probably one of the biggest factors you’re considering when making your choice is cost particularly if you have a budget in mind. While they’re all predominately close in price, there are some differences.


The unofficial home of HBO, Binge offers some of the world’s most-watched shows for as little as two coffees a month. There are three different plan pricing options, depending on how many devices you’d like to stream from, at the same time. $10 p/month for one screen viewing, $18 p/month for two screens, or $22 p/month for four screens. There’s no lock-in contract, meaning you can cancel anytime, and there’s a free seven-day trial for new customers.

Prime Video

Membership costs $9.99 p/month or $79 for an annual subscription, which evens out to just $6.58 and is available for up to three screens. If you sign up, you’ll also get benefits to use on Amazon’s main shopping site, such as free local and international delivery. New customers can also sign up for a free 30-day trial.


At $13.99 p/month the streaming site also offers an annual subscription costing $139.99 and can be used across two screens.

Apple TV+

Keeping it simple, Apple offers just one plan for their streaming service totalling just $12.99 p/month and can be spread across six screens.


Starting at $6.99 p/month there are three plans depending on video quality and number of screens watching at one time. It goes up to $16.99 p/month for two screens and $22.99 p/month for four.


Adopting a similar format to Netflix, Stan plans start at $12 p/month for one screen, $16 p/month for three screens and $21 for four screens at a time.



If you’re anything like us, you’re happy to invest your hard-earned paycheque and spend a little extra for a product you know is good quality. In this case, content (read: the hottest new shows and films) is just as important as price in our eyes, so, let’s see how these sites stack up…


It may be the new kid on the block but thanks to a deal with production juggernaut HBO, Binge has some of the *best* shows to grace our screens. We’re talking about House of the Dragon, Game Of Thrones, Succession, The White Lotus, Sex And The City and its reboot as well as the Gossip Girl revival. It’s the likely home of future water-cooler shows too thanks to their HBO connection.

Prime Video

Modern Love, Nine Perfect Strangers and Little Fires Everywhere are just a few of our favourite shows on the platform. Prime Video also produces its own series including one of its top-rated releases The Wilds (a must-watch!), The Boys and Hunters.


Not just one for the family, Disney+ of course has the full Marvel and Star Wars catalogues, but it also hosts one of our favourites, Only Murders In The Building, as well as High Fidelity and Empire.

Apple TV

Ted Lasso and Morning Wars were two of the most talked about shows last year, both of which sit exclusively on Apple.


As the OG streaming site, it’s unsurprising that Netflix would be the biggest platform with the biggest offering of shows. They also produce their own original shows which have become global hits like Bridgerton, Sex/Life, Stranger Things, The Crown, Outer Banks, Firefly Lane and Sex Education.


It may be an Australian-based streaming platform, but Stan still manages to secure some of the world’s biggest shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Handmaid’s Tale, Yellowstone, Lost and The OC. They also produce their own original series like Matt Okine’s The Other Guy, Bump and Bloom.


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