A Source From The ‘Sex And The City’ Reboot Claims That A Main Character Meets Their Fate In Episode One

Rumour has it

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

While the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That, is still deep into filming the upcoming series, many rumours and spoilers have been rising to the surface, thanks to paparazzi photos of reunited cast members and leaked sections of a script.

But now, there’s one rumour that’s been circulating online that feels much more groundbreaking—and rather morbid—than whispers of two main characters getting a divorce.

According to The Daily Mail, a production insider for And Just Like That told the publication that a main character will supposedly be killed off in the first episode of the reboot, adding that the rumoured exit will be “a big death”.

Naturally, many have begun to speculate which character will be making a swift exit, with some thinking that Mr. Big’s resurgence in the reboot may be short-lived. And given the rumours of what was thought to be his divorce with Carrie Bradshaw, it may be that the New York City writer is left as a widow.

Carrie Bradshaw and Big

However, others have also assumed that the sudden death could be an explanation for the absence of Samantha Jones, given that Kim Cattrall has refused to make a return to the small screen. After all, many theories first suggested that writers would kill off Samantha to explain her sudden disappearance from the tight-knit group, there’s a possibility this could be true.

The source went onto confirm that the supposed death would not be Carrie Bradshaw’s, and that only senior cast and crew were made aware of the news, adding that they were sworn to secrecy.

“This is all top secret at the moment, because production has just started, but in the first episode fans will be served up a jaw-dropping storyline where one of the major names on the show will die,” the source said, as per The Daily Mail.

“Those in the know are calling it a ‘big death’, which obviously has everyone leaping to the conclusion that Mr. Big will be no more” the source continued.

“Only the leading stars and show executives are aware of this presently and are desperate to keep a lid on it—a coffin lid.”

Apparently, the reason behind the shock twist is that Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the reboot’s executive producers, wanted to “shake up audiences from the get go to make them realise this is a different paced show from the previous one, where anything can happen and anyone can go… just like life”, the source said.

Eluding that the death is, in fact, Big—which is believable given his past heart problems in season six—it will prompt Carrie to reunite with characters that she has had “rocky relationships” with in the series.

So of course, we’re crossing our fingers for a reunion with Aidan Shaw.

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