Meet The Contestants Vying For Glory On ‘Survivor’ Australia 2022

Blood against water.

The Survivor franchise is a real, well… survivor. As one of the world’s longest running reality television series, it continues to find new ways to keep us entertained—all while maintaining its fool-proof formula of pitting contestants against each other in the ultimate survival challenge. 

While Australia’s previous eight seasons are a little behind the US’s 41, popularity for our version of the series is only growing—and the latest instalment filmed in Queensland’s north is set to cement the feat. 

Survivor: Blood V Water will air in Australia on January 31, 2022 featuring an all new cast with a unique twist. As host Jonathan LaPaglia revealed in a sneak peek, this season will not be an “individual game”, rather, contestants will compete in pairs. 

To clarify, pairings will consist of spouses, siblings, in-laws and more—so this season will definitely shake things up (no doubt with twice the drama).

So, as we prepare to watch an historic season of the show, we take a look at the couples set to compete in the hopes of winning the coveted $500,000.

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Sandra Diaz-Twine and Alanna Twine

This mother-daughter duo are a double threat. Sandra is already well known for winning two seasons of US Survivor, so you can bet these two are coming in armed with plenty of knowledge. 

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Mark Wales and Samantha Gash 

Survivor fans will also likely recognise Mark Wales and Samantha Gash who both competed in season four of the series, which served as their unlikely meet-cute. They later married and now have a baby boy. Given Wales won his season, he certainly knows a thing or two about strategy. 

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Jesse and Jordie Hansen

A brother’s bond can’t be broken, which is why triathlete Jessie and landscaper Jordie are the ultimate pairing in the new season. 

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Michelle and Melissa 

Michelle and Melissa describe themselves as 99.999% identical, but the twins appear to have their own separate agendas in Survivor. As Michelle says in a sneak preview—she won’t hesitate to throw her sister under the bus in the name of glory. 

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