Meet The ‘Survivor’ Underdog Who Became The Crowd Favourite To Win

A quiet start worked to her advantage.

It’s been a season jam-packed with unexpected twists and turns (with a blindside or two in-between) but as the remaining contestants on Survivor Australia: Brains V Brawn come down to the wire in Sunday night’s finale, everyone is wondering the same thing: Who will win? 

While it’s tough to make a call confidently at this stage, it seems there is one fan favourite who everyone is backing to take it out—but it’s not who you’d expect. 

31-year-old Hayley Leake is currently gaining the people’s vote as the one who’ll win, and there’s a good reason why she makes a convincing case. 

Here, we investigate what makes fans so sure that Hayley will be crowned the 2021 champion. 

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Who wins Survivor Australia: Brains V Brawn? 

At present, Hayley is the favourite to take out the win on the 2021 season of Survivor Australia—and there’s an interesting case that could prove it. This season’s premise prompted the ultimate test as to whether brains or brawns can outlast the elements of the gruelling reality television show. 

Hayley, who is a pain researcher reigning from Sydney, Australia undoubtedly has her wits about her—she’s proved that from the get-go by being a consistent and reliable team member, as well as using her smarts to get ahead throughout the series. 

But to top it off, the 31-year-old isn’t lacking on the physical side of things either. That kind of makes her the ultimate contestant given the show’s overriding theme that pits the strong against the smart this year. 

What’s more, Hayley is a superfan of the Survivor franchise, meaning she’s well seasoned on the ins and outs of the show. 

You can guarantee she’s seen more than enough blindsides, immunity idols and surprise twists in her time (even before entering the show herself). Armed with this knowledge, she really does know how to play the game. 

With that said, Hayley actually kept a relatively low-key presence over the first few weeks of the season—likely a strategic plan so she wouldn’t be seen as a threat and get booted. Now, after some major wins including taking out an individual immunity challenge, Hayley could be the latecomer who surges through to the win. 

Of course, her fellow remaining contestants including George and Flick also have a good shot at taking it out. Guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see what eventuates.

If your attention is piqued, you can catch up on Survivor Australia on 10Play here

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