Why ‘The Act’ Is So Difficult To Watch

It's sure to unnerve even the most hardcore true crime fans
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Patricia Arquette and Joey King’s new series The Act will send shivers down even the most hardcore true crime lovers back. The first official trailer for the new Hulu series has been released, described as a “seasonal anthology series that tells a startling, stranger-than-fiction true crime story.” 

The Act tells the gripping true story of Gypsy Rose Blancharde and her mother, Dee Dee Blancharde, and is based on a 2016 article by Michelle Dean. On June 14, 2015, Dee Dee was found dead inside of her home and locals suspected foul play in her murder. The killer ended up being the unlikeliest suspect of them all – her own daughter.

Gypsy, played by The Kissing Booth’s Joey King, believed that she was born with the mental capacity of a 7-year-old and that she had multiple disabilities and illnesses, including muscular dystrophy, leukaemia, and asthma, due to her premature birth. The illnesses were in fact made up by her mother Dee Dee, played by Arquette, who had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. 

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After learning of her mother’s lies and meeting a boyfriend online, Gypsy Rose plotted to have her mother killed in cold blood by her love interest. Gypsy Rose is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for her involvement with her mother’s murder.

“This story is very disturbing and I am honoured to be able to portray it,” King said of the opportunity to play Gypsy. “What a wild ride this will be on The Act.”

The first two episodes of The Act are set to premiere on Hulu on March 20. 

Watch the trailer below. 

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