Did Thomas & Leah Break Up After ‘The Bachelors’ Season Finale? An Investigation

“I didn’t allow myself, in some cases, to fully open up.”
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The final instalment of The Bachelors Australia saw Italian Stallion Thomas Malucelli (36) propose to Bachelorette Leah Cummings (32) in an emotionally charged ceremony.

While it was intended to last the test of time, the pair revealed that they have parted ways in the three months since the finale was filmed.

While Malucelli, a wellness entrepreneur, made it very clear that he was looking for ‘the One’ during his reality TV series debut, fans were surprised to find out that it would not be Cummings after all.

The pair seemed solid as a rock, with Malucelli respecting Leah’s “sweet personality” and both sharing a romantic streak that bound them together.

When proposing, Malucelli even expressed his determination to “create a life” with Leah, and that he was so blessed to have found her. However, in an interview with 10 Play the eldest of this year’s three Bachelors explained that their connection had waned in the months that followed the show.

“I think it was two or three months after the finale,” he said. “We realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other, but we weren’t compatible, and compatibility is so important.”

Leah won Thomas’ heart but it wasn’t meant to be. (Credit: Source: Channel 10)

The dapper Bachelor explained that it had been a “profound experience” getting to know Leah, and that they intend to stay friends in the future. They will both continue in their search for love, just on “different routes”.

While the couple have not elaborated on exactly what got in the way of their burgeoning romance, Leah did say that she was “devastated” that she didn’t get her fairy-tale ending on the show. Her silver lining is that she learnt so much about herself in the process of filming the series.

“I love who I am now,” she told 10 Play.

“I can look at myself in the mirror like ‘damn Leah you should be so proud of yourself’. I gave something a go and I didn’t hold anything back,” she said, adding that she still holds Thomas very close to her heart.

“Even to this day I care about Thomas a lot… it was hard, but I’m happy I got through it and I was able to become someone I never thought I could be, and all I had to do was really believe in myself.”

‘I love who I am now, I can look at myself in the mirror like damn Leah you should be so proud of yourself.’ (Credit: Source: Channel 10)

Malucelli, on the other hand, does have some regrets about the way he approached his time on the show, specifically his singular pursuit of a perfect match.

“I didn’t allow myself, in some cases, to fully open up to some of the women,” he said. “One of my biggest lessons was, from now onwards, always listen to your heart as opposed to what your head is telling you. That was something I will take with me after this experience.”

Is that a hint that he may choose to revisit other connections from the series (maybe runner up Lauren will be in the mix)? We will have to wait and see, but it appears that this experience has not dissuaded either Thomas or Leah from their valiant quest for love.

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