Who Is On ‘The Block’ 2023? Meet The Couples Taking On The Challenge

They're taking on five houses from the 1950s.
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Ever dreamed of DIY’ing your home? Now you can live out your dreams vicariously through everyone’s favourite home renovating series, The Block, as it hits our screens for its 19th season.

Led by hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, this year the couples will take on five 1950s homes in the picturesque suburb of Hampton East, Victoria. And of course, returning to grade their work will be esteemed judges, Shayna Blaze, Neil Whittaker, and Darren Palmer, plus new judge, Marty Fox. 

But who will be getting their hands dirty this season? Below, meet the five couples taking on the home reno challenge on The Block, 2023.

Eliza and Liberty

Eliza and Liberty. (Credit: Image: Channel 9)

Hailing from Victoria are sisters Liberty and Eliza Paschke, who make up the purple team. 

While Liberty works as an integration producer, you might know Eliza through her work as a radio producer and assistant to on-air duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, plus for her dating-centred podcast Finding A Unicorn with Married At First Sight alum Carly Bowyer.

Gianpietro and Steph

Gianpietro and Steph. (Credit: Image; Channel 9)

On the blue team are husband and wife duo, Gianpietro and Steph Ottavio. 

Originally from New South Wales, Steph has some expertise in the renovating field having worked as an architect and, according to Yahoo Lifestyle, isn’t afraid of a little healthy competition.

Her husband Gianpietro, on the other hand, is a start-up worker who wants to avoid conflict. 

Kristy and Brett

Kristy and Brett. (Credit: Image: Channel 9)

Next up is the red team: Kristy and Brett Beams. Another married couple, the Beams are from Adelaide, where Kristy works as a project manager, and Brett is a safety officer.

According to, the duo will be renovating house number three, which is the smallest of this year’s properties.

Leah and Ash

Ash and Leah. (Credit: Image: Channel 9)

On the yellow team are Queenslanders Leah and Ash Milton.

They’re another couple well-equipped for the challenge of The Block, with Leah working as a safety officer and Ash a builder.

Plus, they’re likely well equipped for chaos, as the parents of three kids and owners of a family-run building company, The Milton Project. 

Leslie and Kyle 

Leslie and Kyle. (Credit: Image: Channel 9)

Last but not least are Leslie and Kyle Cottone from Western Australia, who make up the green team.

The young couple are parents to two sons, with Kyle a firefighter and Leslie a teacher’s aide. 

When Will The Block 2023 Air?

While we don’t have an exact date yet, this season of The Block will air some time in August, 2023.

When it does hit our screens, it will be available to watch on Channel 9.

We’ll update you with more details as we know them. 

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