This Podcast Is Helping Us Prioritise Our Wellbeing During Lockdown

It's the perfect lockdown listening.

To put it simply, everyone is having a tough time right now. Lockdown is starting to feel never-ending and it’s taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being. That being said, there’s no shortage of things we can do to minimise impact, and it seems that a favourite tactic has been amping up the podcast listening. 

While we’ve covered off our favourite podcasts for 2021 already, there’s one that deserves a special mention for helping us prioritise our health and wellbeing right now. Say hello to The Healthy Hustlers podcast — your daily dose of inspiration from influential people who are kicking goals (but looking after themselves while doing it). 

Hosted by self-proclaimed health enthusiast Madelyn Carafa, she’s interviewed amazing women including Jules Sebastian, Samantha Wills, Gabby Bernstein and Sally Obermeder. She also has an incredible lineup of solo episodes where she chats about topics like organisation tools, mindset tips and healthy habits. It’s one of those podcasts you can’t stop listening to once you start, and it’s inspiring us to approach our current situation with a fresh set of eyes. 

Below, we chat to Madleyn about the importance of prioritising our wellbeing right now, and her tips and tricks for doing so. 

Why did you start The Healthy Hustlers? 

After many years of climbing the never-ending corporate ladder, I was really struggling with constant burnout. I knew I always wanted to be a mum but struggled to understand how I would juggle a career with motherhood. It was during that time that I started to take inspiration from people around me who were at the top of their game – what I realised was that they had really healthy habits which enabled them to maintain peak performance. Over time, I started  to inject healthier habits into my daily life, including mediation, walks in nature, time for a podcast, reading, eating nourishing meals, using natural personal care products, and the results were profound. I felt better than ever and wanted to share this with those who have compromised their health due to their careers. The podcast felt like the best way to do this and so The Healthy Hustlers was born.

Why are you so passionate about women’s health and wellbeing and how can we prioritise our own during lockdown? 

I’m extremely passionate about health and wellbeing because I have experienced firsthand the positive impact habits can have on our lives. I love seeing people thrive and want to encourage the realisation that we are capable of living our best life. I believe this starts with a healthy mind and body. For me, health is a full-circle approach. My focus goes beyond movement and diet, because I believe we need nourishing relationships, fruitful careers that inspire us, beautiful spiritual practices, grounding mindset tools, and toxic-free products to support our health. 

When it comes to lockdown, I believe the best way to prioritise our health and wellbeing is to nurture our inner world and taking control of the controllable. We can protect our energy through mindful consumption of information, food, and products. Focus on feel-good activities and raise your vibrational energy.

In terms of products, I choose to support brands that align with my values. The Lovekins natural organic range is my all-time favourite! I love creating a beautiful night-time routine with my daughter using their baby skincare.

What’s your lockdown morning routine? 

Routine is so important in lockdown – I definitely feel much happier and fulfilled sticking to my own regimen. My regular morning consists of practicing gratitude, stretching, and journaling before my little one wakes up. Reading books in bed with my daughter, Georgia, is my favourite simple joy. I can never skip a healthy breakfast (usually porridge and a protein smoothie) before some playtime in the backyard. I then do a meditation when Georgia goes down for her nap – simple, yet effective.

I try to focus on creating a routine that feels abundant instead of like Groundhog Day. Our minds are powerful, and I believe that our thoughts affect our reality, so I choose to focus on the things that make me happy and empowered.

What are your top 3 tips for reducing stress during lockdown? 

  1. Healthy boundaries – this is for both work and social media; I actually just did a podcast episode on this topic. Having healthy boundaries that serve you is so important. 
  2. Making time to connect with people who make you happy and focus less on the conversation on the current state of affairs. 
  3. Nurturing your inner world and constructing a positive mindset

How do you stay healthy when it’s easy to order takeout and sit on the couch right now?

It takes time and I’m not perfect! I love fish and chips on Friday night. But for me, it all comes down to awareness. I know that eating unhealthy, dead-energy foods doesn’t serve me, and I love feeling vibrant.

My love for cooking also helps a lot to curb the urge to order takeout. I created many healthy recipes on my website, Instagram and in my (soon to be on sale) recipe book for anyone who is struggling with mealtime. These recipes are all wholesome, fuss-free and designed for busy hustlers.

Do you have any favourite activities/apps you’ve been using?  

I love Mindspo by Rochelle Fox and have been doing her 51 ways to raise your vibes mindset challenge – she is amazing, and I think her work is vital in the world right now. Listening to frequency music on Spotify has become my daily ritual, and I use Wellweb for pilates and guided meditation.

Why did you choose to become a Lovekins ambassador/what attracted you to the brand? 

Health is one of my most prioritised values and using Lovekins’ all-natural products on my family and in our home serves that value perfectly. When I first became a mum, I spent hours researching what products I would feel comfortable putting on my precious baby’s skin, and I am forever grateful that I discovered Lovekins. I have used their full range on my daughter since day one and I love that I can rest easy knowing that she is nurtured and protected by the best products.

I admire how Lovekins harnesses the healing power of native Indigenous superfoods, and how the brand acknowledges and gives back to the local communities. I feel incredibly honoured to work alongside such a thoughtful, conscious brand that helps families thrive. I also adore how the Lovekins products are made with care and consideration. Lovekins’ Founder Amanda has become a friend and a lovely mentor to me. 

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