The 5 Travel Trends We’re Trying Out In 2024

Booking that ticket ASAP.

If the travel bug has caught you early this year then you’re not the only one.

From spending our lunch hour looking at flights to calculating the most efficient way to use up our annual leave, another year of travel is on the horizon—and this year, we’re shaking things up.

From travelling during shoulder season to squeezing some annual leave into our working holidays, we’re making some changes to how we see the world in 2024.

Below, all of the travel trends giving up inspiration this year.

Bleisure Trips

travel trends 2024
We’ll be adding a couple of days to our next work trip. (Credit: Netflix)

Work trips can be both a privilege and a pain. While we’re always grateful to have the opportunity to experience a new city, we usually spend more time in meetings than exploring the streets.

That’s why we’re planning to make the most of ‘bleisure’ this year—in other words, squeezing a few more days into that work trip.

So, instead of flying in and out of Paris for a three-day conference, we’re tacking a couple of extra days of annual leave onto that trip and turning it into a more substantial visit.

Why miss such a good opportunity?


the holiday
Home swaps and house-sits can give you free accommodation. (Credit: Universal Pictures )

In a cost of living crisis, house swapping and sitting can make travelling actually affordable.

Usually, you can stay for free in exchange for looking after someone’s home while they’re away.

While you might have to water a few plants or feed a cat, these experiences really integrate you into the local culture.

Whether you live out your The Holiday fantasy with a gorgeous local or become acquainted with areas of a city you wouldn’t usually, it’s essentially a win-win.

Biking Trips

bike trips
Hamish Blake and his family on a bike-packing trip. (Credit: Instagram )

Forget about hiking trips, this year is all about biking trips.

This type of holiday is suited to adventure seekers who get excited by the thought of cycling for days through the great outdoors.

With long-distance cycling paths located all around the world, biking trips are a great way to experience somewhere a little off the beaten track.

Plus, if Zoe Foster Blake and her family can’t get enough of them, we’re trying them out.

Shoulder Season

paris travel 2024
The shoulder season is the time between on and off seasons. (Credit: Getty )

Shoulder season refers to the period of time between somewhere’s peak season and their off-season.

So, if Europe’s peak season is summer and their off-season is winter then spring and autumn would be their shoulder seasons.

Travelling during the shoulder season offers plenty of benefits—while you won’t have to deal with the crowds and prices of the on season, you also don’t have to struggle with the bad weather and quiet vibe of the off season.

Shoulder season offers you the best of both times.

Girls Trips

book club italy
More trips like the women in ‘Book Club’ 2. (Credit: Paramount Pictures )

Girls trips aren’t exactly a new phenomenon but we’re planning on taking more of them in 2024.

While trips with your friends are the norm when you’re young, they seem to get replaced by trips with your partner and families when as you get older.

For this reason, we’re planning to keep having girls trips at every age and stage of life—whether it’s to Rome or just down the coast.

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