What Happens To ‘Bridgerton’s’ Cressida Cowper?

Will the character have the same ending as she does in the books?
What Happens to Cressida Cowper in 'Bridgerton'?Netflix

Cressida Cowper is one of Bridgerton’s most divisive characters. Since being introduced as the villain of season one, by season three the show has slowly humanised Cressida into someone we pity perhaps even root for.

While the third season ends on a happy note for most of its charactersbabies are born and friendships are restoredCressida’s story isn’t really wrapped up in the same way.

Below, we share everything you need to know about Cressida Cowper’s fate in Bridgerton.

*Spoilers Ahead*

What Happens To Cressida Cowper In Season Three?

Cressida Cowper in 'Bridgerton' Season Three.
Cressida Cowper has a difficult time in ‘Bridgerton’ Season Three. (Credit: Netflix )

In the third season of Bridgerton, Cressida returns to the marriage market for the third year since her coming out debut.

With her options dwindling and pressure from her parent, Cressida becomes desperate to secure a husband.

After unsuccessfully competing with Penelope for Lord Debling, Cressida faces an arranged marriage to an old man.

In desperation to take control of her own future, Cressida pretends to be Lady Whistledown.

Unfortunately, her game doesn’t work and results in her father pulling her dowry and loosing her only friend in Eloise.

At the end of the season (after revealing Penelope is the real Lady Whistledown), Cressida is banished to the Welsh countryside to live with her aunt.

What Happens To Cressida In The Bridgerton Books?

Cressida Cowper in 'Bridgerton'
(Credit: Netflix)

Since the series is following a slightly different timeline to the Bridgerton books, Cressida’s storyline has already diverged from her one in the book series.

By the fourth book, An Offer From A Gentleman, (which the third season of Bridgerton is based on) Cressida has already married a man named Lord Twombley.

As the TV series decided to swap the order of the third and fourth books, they haven’t followed this storyline yet.

In the books, Lord Twombley dies, leaving Cressida as a struggling widow.

However, considering that the Netflix series has decided to take the time to flesh out Cressida’s character, we’re hoping that the show is going to change Cressida’s eventual fate.

Some fans are hoping this fate will see Cressida end up with a woman, given her connection to Eloise in series three.

Jessica Madsen, who plays Cressida in the series, also seems down for this storyline. During an interview with Decider, the Madsen said, “I absolutely love that. That would be the best!” she said. “Yeah, I mean, that would be cool. I like to think it would make sense because, like, she hasn’t bagged a guy. So, like, why not a gal? But yeah, I have really no idea.”

Fingers crossed for a Cressida redemption arc.

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