Everything We Know About Australian Open Winner Jannik Sinner’s Girlfriend, Maria Braccini

The couple like to keep their relationship private.
Jannick Sinner girlfriendGetty

Italian tennis star Jannik Sinner skyrocketed into the international spotlight after winning the 2024 Australian Open.

The 22-year-old hasn’t only just won his first ever grand slam but also holds the title of being the highest ranked Italian male player in tennis history.

This title is tied with Adriano Panatta, who was the last Italian male to win a grand slam single title in the French Open in 1976.

Despite his international stardom, the tennis star doesn’t seem to want he spotlight, determined on keeping his social media and personal life private.

This hasn’t, however, stopped his fans from being curious about his life off-courtparticularly in regards to his love life.

Because Sinner does, in fact, have a long-term girlfriend23-year-old Maria Braccini, who he has been dating since 2020.

Below, we share everything you need to know about Maria Braccini and her relationship with the grand slam champion.

Who Is Maria Braccini?

maria braccini
Maria Braccini is an Italian model. (Credit: Instagram)

Maria Braccini is a 23-year-old model. On Instagram, she has more than 222 000 followers, however she keeps her profile set to private.

Like her boyfriend, Maria is also from Italy.

According to a source close to the model, Braccini prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.

“Maria is a person that does not like talking to strangers. She has several close friends from an elite circle,” the source told Wtfoot.

Her friends come from the modelling and tennis industry. She does not like spending time with strangers, and it is hard for her to make new friends. Maria is an introvert who likes to spend her time alone,” the source added. 

They concluded: “She values her privacy and space. It takes a long time to trust people. However, she becomes fiercely loyal to her friends.”

How Long Have Maria Braccini And Jannick Sinner Been Dating?

Maria Braccini
The couple have posted a number of Instagram’s together.

The young couple have been dating for around three years. After first getting together in 2020, the couple split for a while in 2021 before getting back together the year after.

As both Sinner and Braccini’s Instagram profiles are set to private, keeping their relationship out of the spotlight seems to be important to them both.

“Whether or not I am with a girl will never be known on social media, because I want to keep my private life private,” Sinner said.

“I don’t need to post a photo to show whether I’m engaged. I never posted pictures with my parents, maybe one with my brother.”

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