Megan Fox Tackles Abusive Relationships, Love Addiction And Miscarriage In ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’

Megan Fox has joined the league of celebrity poets with her new release.

Megan Fox has joined the league of celebrity poets with the release of her poetry collection, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. Following in the footsteps of celebrities like Nico Tortorella, Florence Welch, James Franco and Charlie Sheen, Fox has put her pen to the page and opened up like never before. 

Prior to the book’s release, Fox spoke about her reason for writing the collection, explaining “these poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence.”

“I’ve spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins. My freedom lives in these pages, and I hope that my words can inspire others to take back their happiness and their identity by using their voice to illuminate what’s been buried, but not forgotten, in the darkness.” 

Below, the biggest takeaways from Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. 

Megan Fox steps out with her poetry book. (Credit: Getty)

Megan Fox Experienced Abusive Relationships 

In her poetry anthology, Fox alludes to previous relationships that were toxic and abusive.

In her poem, oxycodone and tequila, she writes “today my sin was that i followed your friend to the dinner table / instead of waiting for you to lead me.

“you hit me / again / and again.”

Then in don’t worry darling, Fox writes, “mornings after you would hurt me / i would wake up and make your coffee / put on a sweatshirt so you wouldn’t have to look at the bruises you left.”

While Fox hasn’t named the people she is writing about, she told Good Morning America, “Throughout my life, I have been in at least one physically abusive relationship and several psychologically very abusive relationships.

“I have only been publicly connected to a few people but I’ve shared energy with, I guess we could say, (people) who were horrific people and also very famous … but no one knows that I was involved with those people.”

Megan Fox Suffered A Miscarriage 

A couple of Fox’s poems also reference a miscarriage when she writes about holding her baby “as they rip you from my insides”  and “I will pay any price/Tell me please/What is the ransom/For her soul?”

Another line read, “I want to hold your hand / hear your laugh” and “but now / I have to say / goodbye.”

On Good Morning America, Fox opened up more about the tragic experience, explaining that it had been a “very difficult time” for herself and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. 

“I had never been through anything like that before in my life,” she said.

“I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us, and it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately and together and apart … trying to navigate, ‘What does this mean?’ and ‘Why did this happen?’”   

Megan Fox’s Love Addiction 

Fox also opens up being addicted to certain relationships when she writes “A beautiful boy is a deadly drug/You are an addiction that no amount of prayers will ever cure.

“You are an addiction / that no amount of prayers / will ever cure / my cries for relief / floating / unheard into the ether / you are killing me but my heart / won’t give you up

“my hands are bleeding / from trying to free myself / you offer me a smile / content to steal my life / knowing at least this way / no one else / will ever have me.” 

Fox also doesn’t name anyone in this poem, preferring to keep the people she writes about private. 

Buy Pretty Boys Are Poisonous 

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