6 Thoughtful Things We’re Gifting This Holiday Season

If your love language is gift giving, these ideas are for you.

The holiday season is a chance to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you, whether it’s watching Christmas movies together, baking them a festive treat, or spoiling them with a gift you know they’ll love.

Even with the seemingly infinite array of gift guides and products available online, it can still be tricky to find the perfect present for everyone on your list. But of course, a meaningful, carefully selected present is always going to spread some extra cheer.   

The secret to a significant present is finding something that reflects your relationship or has a personal touch (all while remaining within your budget).

To help spark some inspiration, we share the meaningful presents we’re gifting our friends and family this Christmas. Remember: it’s the sentiment that counts.

1. Intimate Jewellery

Swarovski’s holiday pieces pair exquisite craftmanship with timeless allure. (Credit: Swarovski)

Jewellery is one of the most personal objects we can bestow on someone, from mothers to daughters and everyone in between. It is beyond delightful to open a petite box and discover that someone has taken the time to find out your ring size or nailed your metal and jewel preferences.  

Swarovski’s holiday collection includes a variety of timeless pieces that speak to different personalities and preferences. From the dazzling Mesmera bracelet to the celestial-inspired Luna drop earrings, jewellery is guaranteed to enchant your giftee.

2. Beautiful Books

From Dolly Alderton’s new novel Good Material to the myriad of stunning travel tomes available, books are a foolproof present come gifting season (plus, they’re easy to wrap).

Books reveal how much attention you pay to your friends’ interests or reading styles. So if you’re unsure, check their Goodreads account and pick a volume from their to-read list. Write a heartfelt message on the inside cover or add a handmade bookmark for a special touch.   

3. A Slice Of Luxury 

A silk scarf, like this pink and burgundy pattern, is an elegant piece to treasure. (Credit: Jace Banu)

Luxury gifts—no matter how small—often leave a lasting impression. There’s the joyful element of surprise and a show of appreciation, as it’s an easy way to offer them something beyond the ordinary.

Think: a designer lipstick, high-quality candles, or a lavish silk scarf (like the versatile piece pictured above). At every glance or use, an elevated gift has the power to remind them of your special connection.

4. Monogram Mayhem   

You can transform anything into a memorable piece with a monogram. From passport holders for travel lovers to handmade trinkets for your friend who just moved out, adding custom initials or a special symbol—like their star sign—makes it a piece they can cherish forever.   

5. Gourmet Treats

Have you ever seen a more inviting Christmas tablescape? (Instagram: @jlo)

Food is the way to our hearts—especially if it’s a little bit decadent. Whether it’s a homemade treat, high-quality pantry essential (like a beautiful bottle of olive oil) or an indulgent hamper, food can evoke certain memories or be tied to valued traditions. Spirited drinks work a treat too, from Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila to the Box Bar Twelve Gins of Christmas.

6. Weekend Getaway

A holiday getaway is something you can’t wrap or tie with a bow, but will remember forever. This is the perfect idea for someone whose love language is quality time, as a weekend away in the country or at the beach is a great way to reset with the people you love.

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