Meet The Haircare Brands Best Catering To Textured And Afro Hair Types

Plus, what Australian women are looking for from their curl, coil and kink-enhancing products

Finding a product perfectly tailored to your individual hair type, concerns and goals is never exactly easy, even when the shelves are lined with options specifically designed for your strands.

When the stores and salons you frequent don’t offer products that cater to your needs, however, it goes from not easy to near impossible.

One salon looking to drive the conversation around curl, coil and kink care forward, however, is Australia’s beloved EdwardsAndCo, who have recently teamed up with their gorgeous client Nina Ryan to educate their social media followers (and their own employees) on the importance of understanding everything that goes into styling (stunning, may we add) Afro or textured hair such as hers. One of the biggest aspects involved? Finding the right products.

We were lucky enough to catch up with both Ryan herself, as well as EdwardsAndCo hair stylist Natalia Humphrey, about what they wish haircare brands knew, what they’re looking for from product ranges, and which styling buys they’re loving right now.

Do you think Afro and/or textured hair types are well catered for in the hair product space?

“Internationally (especially in the U.S), sure, but here in Australia, not so much,” Ryan explains. “There’s a very limited availability of products in brick and mortar stores; you can’t just pop down to the shops or local salon and pick something up, [and] even the big retailers don’t stock many (if any) suitable products.”

“The astounding thing is that there are literally thousands of products that cover all the different curl types and textures online; they just aren’t broadly available here because for the most part, the market isn’t seen to be significant and there’s a distinct lack of understanding [around] Afro and textured hair needs.”

Overall, what do you wish haircare brands knew about textured/Afro hair?

Ryan’s message is crystal clear: “You need to step up and have more representation for textured and Afro hair,” she says. “Personally, once I find a product I love, it’s guaranteed that I’ll be a repeat customer. To put it simply, if you aren’t catering to the need in the first place, then people won’t be inclined to purchase your products.”

Which brands do you think are catering well to Afro and textured hair types?

“Most of my go-to products come from Shea Moisture as they have a wide range that covers multiple products for a variety of curls/coils/kinks,” says Ryan of one of her favourite brands. “Organic Suku has an absolutely divine hair mist that creates incredible definition while refreshing dry hair, and evo hair has just released a curly range that I’m super excited to try out,” she adds.

Humphrey echoes Ryan’s excitement about this latest launch; “evo has just launched a range of curl-centric products that are made specifically to cater for all types of curls and coils. The products are amazing as they work to nourish and enhance, rather than alter curls. Each product in the range is designed to empower the natural curl pattern of each and every curl type, allowing users to find a combination of products that works for them,” she explains.

As for Humphrey’s other favourites? “ELEVEN Australia has a great styling range to enhance, control or tame all hair types, from tighter curls to waves, and Virtue and Shu Uemura also have some incredible products, [all] providing a high-end finish while locking in intense moisture and repairing hair,” she says.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie


24.99 at

Organic Suku Hydrate Organic Hair Mist


$46.05 at

evo baby got bounce curl treatment


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Eleven Australia Keep My Curl Defining Cream


$24.95 at

Virtue Labs Moisture-Defining Whip


$51 at

Shu Uemura Essence Absolu Nourishing Cleansing Milk


$58.99 at

However, as with any hair type and product combination, it of course comes down to testing options until you find the perfect personal fit, something Ryan is well aware of. “There are so many different brands that make similar products but they aren’t all made equal, so it’s really important to find one that suits your personal texture,” she tells Marie Claire.

Humphrey is in full agreement, as well; “It’s just about finding the right product for you,” she confirms. “[However], the key to healthy, shiny, bouncing curls is hydration, so first you need to understand your curl, and then develop a unique routine that works for you. Just like no two curls are the same, no one product gives the same result to two different people.”

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