Celine Unveils Nostalgic New Perfume

An androgynous scent for the young at heart.
celine zouzou perfume

Hedi Slimane, the visionary behind Celine‘s creative direction, has unveiled a new fragrance for the French fashion and beauty house.

ZouZou, a haute perfume by the esteemed maison, draws inspiration from the nostalgic imagery of youth and the bohemian artisans of the 1960s.

Slimane’s muse roster includes the likes of French literary icon Françoise Sagan, the enigmatic actress Jean Seberg as immortalised on film by Jean Luc Godard, the spirited heroines of The Velvet Underground, and the countless young women who he’s photographed over the past 20 years.

celine zouzou perfume campaign with esther rose mcgregor

In ZouZou, Slimane attempts to capture the androgynous charm and rebellious spirit of these past-century ingenues in a bottle.

The vibrant notes of benzoin and tonka bean dance with the earthy warmth of patchouli, accented by layers of labdanum, vanilline, and musk.

Encased within a sleek glass bottle adorned with black lacquer, reminiscent of the slender silhouettes of sixties icons, ZouZou serves as both a fragrance and a piece of art.

celine zouzou perfue among celine beauty products

Fronting the campaign is British American acress Esther Rose McGregor, embodying a youthful Twiggy with the same wide eyes and blonde pixie cut.

Adding to Celine’s illustrious haute perfume collection, ZouZou is the 11th fragrance by Slimane for the brand.

ZouZou Haute Parfum will be available from June 2024.

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