Drew Barrymore’s Tip For Creating Beach Waves Is Genius

And affordable

Out of all the hairstyles to grace our heads, laidback beach waves have to be one of the most sought after. Haircuts and colour trends will come and go, but it’s the effortless, textured look that wins our hearts over time and time again. 

And you know who nails said style on the regular? Drew Barrymore.

Not one for sleek straight hair, the Flower Beauty founder prefers to take advantage of her natural wave and enhance it with a trick she’s kept close to her chest… until now.

Barrymore is always sharing product recommendations and insights into her beauty routine on Instagram (which we love her for) and in an event not unusual for her grid, she posted a photo of an affordable favourite: Evian’s Facial Spray ($9.99, Chemist Warehouse).

drew barrymore beach waves

However, on closer inspection of the caption, we realised she wasn’t recommending it for the face at all.

OK I know this says it’s for the face, but I use it on hair,” she wrote. “It literally has that perfect atomizer that distributes perfectly for waves and curls.”

Likening the $10 buy to a diffuser on a hairdryer, the 45-year-old continued: “It can give the hair gentle beachy waves when minimally sprayed on dry hair. And then walk away! Just let it do its thing.”


She also uses it to detangle her children’s hair, saying it’s gentle and doesn’t leave it heavy as other products can.

Similarly, we’d assume as the product is mainly water, you’d be left without the crunch likened to most sea salt sprays. It may not have the same hold, but if its touchable texture you’re after, Barrymore’s recommendation could be the one.

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