Why Bodycare Is Worth As Much Investment As Your Face

It's all skin after all.

No longer is our body playing second fiddle to our face in skincare. Products designed for limbs, stomach and bottom are now so souped-up with actives, they make applying bodycare a legitimate step in our skincare routine.

“Often as women we’re so committed to taking care of the skin on our faces, we don’t pay attention to the rest of our body,” says Charlene Ward, product development manager at endota. 

Helen Robb-Lacey, endota skin expert, agrees, adding that neglecting the skin on our body can lead to much of the same issues as not nourishing our face. “As we age, everyone will experience wrinkling on both their face and body,” she says. “Wrinkles can be caused by slow skin cell production, thinning skin layers and reduced collagen levels.” 

Neglecting the skin on our body can lead to much of the same issues as not nourishing our face. (Credit: Getty Images)

To help get us into a more diligent bodycare routine, endota has released a new body duo. It promises smoother skin with better texture in both the short and long term. The brand’s new Body Firming Serum and Lotion are an extension of its much-loved New Age skincare range. And what’s exciting is that both are formulated more like a face product than the body fixes of old. “By utilising the power of natural and cosmeceutical-grade skincare on the body just as we would on the face, we can deliver a whole raft of nourishing ingredients to help us age consciously,” says Robb-Lacey. 

And they’re not just talking about hydration (although there is loads of that too, in the form of plumping ingredient hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water). In the ingredient lists there are also high counts of firming peptides and other can-do actives. The result is formulations that help with the appearance of skin tone and cellulite. 

The latter is a big win, considering most women (eight in 10) will experience cellulite at some point. “Cellulite is more prevalent in women [than men] due to the different distributions of fat, muscle and connective tissue,” explains Robb-Lacey. “A combination of factors including genes, hormones and changes to the fat stored under our skin contribute to the appearance of cellulite.” 

To help get us into a more diligent bodycare routine, endota has released a new body duo. (Credit: Edward Urrutia)

endota New Age Body Firming Lotion, $70, and Body Firming Serum, $85, at

The ingredient helping to smooth out skin is a naturally derived three in-one complex of unroasted shea butter, avocado seed extract and bentonite clay.

“This unique cosmetic active complex has a triple-action formula aimed at helping to reduce the appearance of both cellulite and stretch marks,” explains Robb-Lacey. The serum is designed especially for spots such as the bottom, thighs, abdomen, breasts and upper arms. To get the most out of it, Ward suggests working the serum into these spots with circular motions. 

The lotion, meanwhile, comes with its own set of skin-boosting elements. “You can’t underestimate the power of a good lotion,” says Robb-Lacey. Dosed with caffeine, hyaluronic acid and botanical butters, it helps reinvigorate the skin, leaving limbs feeling softer and smoother. Mineral pigments also lend skin a luminous glow, lessening the obviousness of any blemishes or imperfections. Your senses will get a boost too, thanks to the added rose, citrus and vanilla essentials oils, which meld to a dreamy, freshly feminine scent. 

When you tally up the benefits of bodycare, the few extra minutes a day seems worthwhile. (Credit: Getty Images)

To address the early signs of ageing in the body, the serum and lotion have been revved up with Adifyline, a trademarked hexapeptide that helps to plump the skin. “Adifyline is a secret weapon for helping to slow down the signs of ageing,” says Robb-Lacey. “The redefining hexapeptide enhances volume [to smooth] fine lines and wrinkles.” 

So if you’re not playing fair by your body, now is the moment to up your game. Yes, the two steps of bodycare will probably be an addition to what you’re currently doing each morning and evening. But when you tally up the benefits, the few extra minutes a day seems worthwhile.

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