Iris Apfel On The Key To Her Ever-Enduring Style, And Her Make-Up Must-Haves

The new face of Ciate London gets candid.

Iris Apfel is an icon in both the fashion and beauty world with an incredible career as a businesswoman, interior designer, fashion influencer, model and now ambassador for makeup brand Ciaté London.

The 101-year-old sat down with marie claire Australia’s beauty director Sally Hunwick where she revealed they key to her ever-enduring style. 

Sally: You have had an incredible career, as a businesswoman, interior designer and fashion and beauty icon. What do you attribute your longevity to? And how have you managed to stay so relevant throughout the decades?

Iris: I attribute my longevity to the way I love. I always tell everybody I am the world’s oldest living teenager. I love to learn and discover new things. I think I have still maintained my sense of childlike wonder.

Ciate London x Iris Apfel, Five-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in More is More, Less is a Bore!, $38 at Mecca.


Sally: You are about to have a very big birthday (Happy Birthday!!) How do you stay looking so good?  

Iris: I’m very active and I don’t sit still very much. I like to eat well, I don’t like rich food and I don’t eat junk food.

Sally: When do you feel your most beautiful? 

Iris: I always dressed for myself. I don’t care what anybody thinks. I’m not a rebel and I don’t do these things to shock anybody. Everyone should feel confident to express their personality or mood through how they present themselves to the world and have fun while doing it. That’s what I’ve always tried to do.

Ciate London x Iris Apfel, Gloss Lipstick in Exuberant, $36 at Mecca


Sally: If you could only have 3 makeup products, what would they be?

Iris: I love wearing brightly coloured lipstick and interesting eyeshadow colours to complement the fashion I wear. 

Sally: You have just signed on with Ciaté London as their ambassador. What does this mean to you?

Iris: When Ciate approached me – I was super excited. Charlotte Knight isn’t afraid to play around with bright, bold colours & the formulas of Ciate products i know are of the highest standards. 

Ciate London x Iris Apfel, The Cheat Sheets Nail Wraps, $26 at Mecca


Sally: What was it like to collaborate on this project?

Iris: I really found the collaboration delicious. It was so much fun – they really let me play with the colours I wanted to explore.

Sally: Do you have a favourite makeup product from the collection? 

Iris: I couldn’t possibly choose just one, it’s like saying if i had a big family who is your favourite child! [from the Ciaté London x Iris Apfel eight-piece capsule collection]. It’s like saying, if I had a big family, who is your favourite child? But I do wear Exuberant – the [red] lipstick I created – all the time

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