Even Kim Kardashian Is Amazed By How Much Her Doppelgänger Looks Like Her

The resemblance is uncanny!

Emma Watson has one. Rihanna has one too. And Kylie Jenner has many.

For every celebrity, there’s a real-life doppelgänger that looks just like them.

This week, Kim Kardashian West has drawn our attention to her own lookalike, who recreated the reality star’s look from late March thanks to some very clever contouring and blue eyeshadow.

Jennifer Ward, a contestant on Glam Masters on Lifetime, looks *just* like Kim when she stepped out for the KKWxMario launch party in Beverly Hills, California.

Jennifer shared the look on Twitter with the message to Kim: “I recreated your look in honor of my episode of #GlamMasters tonight.”

She got KK’s own blue tick of approval for her uncanny look. Kim retweeted the selfie with a caption that said it all: “OMG”.

BRB, applying some blue eyeshadow ourselves. 

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