Cindy Crawford’s Makeup Artist Shares The Skin Prep Steps He Swears By

Flawless finish guaranteed

Tell the truth: have you ever seen Julianne Moore, Karlie Kloss or Cindy Crawford’s foundation, eyeshadow, or lipstick look anything other than sublime? Our point exactly.

And while the fact that all three women have gorgeous features to start with, they also happen to share a secret weapon: celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo and his unique skin preparation process.

Here, he breaks down the four essential prep steps he relies on for a flawless finish every time…

Step 1: Glow Drops

“For the skin I want to keep it very luminous,” Vanngo explains of his usual desired aesthetic. “I think [applying] a few glow drops from Barbara Sturm is [a] great [way to start your makeup prep] – they’re not glittery, but more like a sheer luminiser, and to me [they work] almost like a serum as well. So you can use that before you moisturise to get the skin primed and hydrated for the makeup.”


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Step 2: Eye Oil

“Don’t forget the eyes – give them some love as well,” he says, noting the importance of applying an eye-specific soothing product to optimise on orbital area hydration. “I love this eye oil – it’s perfect for helping to de-puff the eyes in the morning.”


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Step 3: Moisturiser Massage

“This moisturiser is a cult-favourite for makeup artists,” Vanngo explains, revealing his bargain buy go-to. “It’s suitable for everyone and no one gets reactions to it [but it’s still very nourishing]. I usually like richer moisturiser because I think once it’s absorbed, the skin is so hydrated and then when you apply your foundation it never feels cakey; it just goes on so much smoother. Take a few seconds [to massage it in] and give the face a little love [for best results],” he says, using his fingers to apply slight pressure over each area while pressing the moisturiser into the skin.


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Step 4: Lip Balm

Vanngo is also a big believer in prepping all of your features properly before going in with base. “Always hydrate the lips as well,” he confirms. “I usually don’t just wait until before lipstick to apply lip balm – I put it [on] right at the beginning before I start foundation and let it sit there and hydrate the lip the whole time [I’m applying the rest of the makeup].”


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