Miranda Kerr Reveals The Lipstick Combo She Wore On Her Wedding Day

Here’s how to recreate her bespoke bridal lip

Between the date, the drinks, the dress, and the colours you choose to embrace for your makeup look, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to your wedding day.

After all, those pictures last forever, so selecting the perfect lippy is no small task – singling in on a single shade can be tough, especially when you have a few long-time favourites.

Miranda Kerr, however, wasn’t able to choose just one; in fact, she layered two lipstick colours to create a special signature shade for her big day.

She’s not the first bride to embrace a colour cocktail, either; Meghan Markle also blended two polish colours together to create her own bespoke manicure for her wedding to Prince Harry. It seems shade mixing has become somewhat of a bridal beauty trend.

As for Kerr’s colours of choice, she opted for two formulas from Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Matte Revolution’ range. “I mixed Walk of No Shame with Amazing Grace for my wedding day,” Kerr recalled in an episode of Tilbury’s IGTV series Beauty Happy Hour.

So, how can you recreate Kerr’s layered lip look for yourself? The method of mixing is simple: start with the darker for your base and add depth with the lighter. 

For Kerr,  the deep berry-rose colour of ‘Walk of No Shame’  was known to really ‘make her eyes pop’ and therefore an obvious feature-flattering choice. 

The addition of ‘Gracefully Pink’ was to leave it a little pinker on top, for a ‘timeless, elegant and classic’ finish. 

Our advice when working with two lip colours? Blot with a tissue in between. Not only will this ensure the two don’t cake together, but you’ll double the longevity. Win-win.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk Of No Shame, $49 at


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Gracefully Pink, $49 at

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