The ‘Selling Sunset’ Cast’s Then And Now Beauty Transformations

The cast didn't always look like this.
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Let it be known: Selling Sunset is one of the best things to happen to reality TV. 

Between the cast and their petty dramas, the chance to virtually wander into some of the most stunning houses we’ve ever seen and all the glorious memes it has provided us, the frothy series has been a delightful respite in chaotic times.

After the drama of season six, which saw fan favourite’s Christine Quinn and Maya Vander leave our screens, the show returned for a fabulous seventh season filled with plenty of births, divorces and new relationships to discuss. 

Perhaps even more fun, are the casts’ beauty evolutions to see how those big Netflix (and bigger real estate) bucks are changing the aesthetics of the Oppenheim Group team.

Will it be quiet luxury from here on out? We think not…

Selling Sunset Cast: Before And After

Were they always this glamorous?

Well, as we know from ‘Burgers and Botox’ (and the fact that lip injections are a dime a dozen in L.A.), the cast has never been shy about the upkeep involved in their onscreen aesthetic, so we decided to do a little investigating to tide us over until season four drops.

Below, a deep dive into the Selling Sunset cast’s before and after beauty transformations.

Chrishell Stause

Chrishell from 'Selling Sunset' before and after.
2005 vs 2023: this former soap star has glammed up. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Chrishell‘s background includes a long career in TV soaps—which often shows in her look. Appearing on shows like All My Children, The Young and The Restless and Days of Our Lives, the 42-year-old’s look has definitely evolved over the years.

Pictured left in 2005, like many of us, Chrishell has swapped her ’90s brows for much fuller arches and added gorgeous caramel money-piece highlights to her hair for a brighter, face-framing look. Chrishell has been sporting a slightly edgier look lately, appearing in girlfriend G Flip‘s music video in an all-leather get-up. 

Mary Fitzgerald

Mary from 'Selling Sunset' before and after.
(Credit: Images: @themarybonnet; Getty)

While the blonde bob has become Mary’s signature look on the show, often styled into a ponytail or slicked back for events, she actually used to have much longer, ‘bronde’ strands in the early 2010s. And, like most of us, the 42-year-old too used to enjoy a thinner brow, but favours thicker arches these days.

Heather El Moussa (nee Rae Young)

heather rae from 'Selling Sunset' before and after
2010 vs. 2023: Heather’s first glam shoot after giving birth (right) (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Part of The Oppenheim Group since 2014, the former Playboy playmate and model (pictured left in 2010) has had long blonde locks since she started her career in both entertainment and real estate. In 2019, Heather El Moussa (formerly Rae Young) hinted that she does get lip filler when a fan questioned her “natural lip” post on Instagram, with the reply “haha, natural colour”.

The 36-year-old gave birth to her first child in 2023, and is committing to more natural make-up looks–but still with that iconic blonde hair.

Amanza Smith

amanza smith from 'selling sunset' before and after
2008 vs. 2023: Amanza’s look is a little different these days. (Credit: Getty)

When it comes to hairstyles, you can always count on Amanza to bring it onscreen! A fan of wigs of all lengths and textures, she pulls off every look with aplomb.

Pictured left in 2008 and right in 2023, there are a few changes to the 47-year-old’s look but the strong brows and dark hair remain a constant.

Emma Hernan

Emma Hernan from 'Selling Sunset' before and after
2021 vs 2023 (Credit: Getty)

Emma joined the Selling Sunset crew in season four, so there’s no surprise her look hasn’t changed much in the two years she’s been on the scene. The hair remains long, blonde and often worn long and flowing. She loves a bright and bold colour, particularly a hot pink or a sky blue. Overall, the 32-year-old’s look is very LA–light and bright! 

Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea Lazkani from 'Selling Sunset' before and after
2020 vs. 2023: Chelsea often opts for more glitz these days but remains ever-flawless. (Credit: Instagram)

Similar to Emma, Chelsea hasn’t been around The Oppenheim Group long. The Londoner made her debut in season five and has looked consistently flawless ever since.

The 30-year-old mother of two has leaned into her inner-glamour since starring in Selling Sunset, adding an abundance of gloss to her lip cosmetics and fierce eye shadows to her palette. 

Davina Potratz 

Davina Potratz from 'selling sunset' before and after
2019 vs 2023. Davina keeps things low-fuss compared to the rest of the cast. (Credit: Getty)

While Davina may be the show’s ‘villain’ and the source behind most of the drama on Selling Sunset, the 44-year-old’s beauty look is comparatively low-key and has been the same for years.

Pictured left in 2019, Davina’s maintained her signature style from her early days in luxury real estate, generally opting to wear her brunette tresses long, while giving her eyes more definition with brown liner (plus shadow, when she’s glammed-up) and finishing the look with a nude lip.

Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn from 'Selling Sunset' before and after
Christine Quinn left the series in season 5.

A model and actress before she entered the real estate game, Christine is easily one of the show’s most, shall we say, ‘colourful’ characters—and it shows in her beauty look.

Famously stating “Nothing about me is fake except my boobs” in season one, the 35-year-old never been shy about her love of ‘go big or go home’ aesthetics, from her platinum blonde headache-inducing ponytails, to her bright, lacquered lips.

Maya Vander

Maya Vander from 'Selling Sunset' before and after
Like Christine, Maya will not appear in season 6 of Selling Sunset

The most low-key of the Selling Sunset cast, little is known or shown in terms of Maya’s pre-show life (she’s also wiped her Instagram of all pre-show photos).

That said, the 41-year-old has definitely demonstrated her penchant for a sleek blow-dry, the occasional berry lip and rich, honey-caramel hair during both her onscreen appearances and on Instagram. 

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Where To Watch ‘Selling Sunset’ In Australia 

You can watch ‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix in Australia. 

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