3 Ways We’re Embracing Our Inner Parisian Girl Style Right Now

French girl chic.

Long before Emily said “oui” to heading off to Paris, we’ve been fascinated with Parisian style.

Synonymous with simple sophistication, authenticity is at the very core of Parisian dressing, and fashion lovers around the world have been emulating ‘French girl chic’ for decades.

But if you’re feeling more clueless than chic when it comes to embracing your own inner Parisian, we’ve got the styling tips to help you say “bonjour” to that perfectly undone elegance that works, no matter the season.

Show Off Your Savoir-Faire

The most important part of any Parisian wardrobe is not so much the individual items of clothing, but the attitude behind them.

There’s a certain savoir-faire beneath every look—a cool, calm, and collected confidence, or street smarts, if you will. It’s less about being perfect and more about being perfectly cool, choosing items and accessories that complement the feeling behind every look.

Longchamp Roseau Bag
Longchamp Roseau Essential Fleurs bucket bag in pink, $615, available at Longchamp.

Like the Roseau bag, a Longchamp icon, launched nearly three decades ago as an open tote with a bamboo toggle. Over the years, the bag has been constantly redesigned, remaining at the cutting edge of fashion while staying emblematic of heritage and savoir-faire.

The latest iterations of the Roseau bag come in a palette of timeless shades and styles— think tan and yellow, or cotton canvas embroidered with soft floral motifs. Small, yet spacious, it’s an unmissable everyday accessory to hold all the essentials, combining simple and sophisticated style.

Embrace L’Art De Vivre

Quite literally translating to “the art of living”, Parisians truly know how to celebrate life to the fullest, finding joy in the simplest of situations. It’s an attitude that carries over into their style, with the focus being on beauty and quality above all else.

Longchamp Roseau bag L'art De Vivre Paris
Longchamp Roseau Shadow top handle pink bag in powder and blush, $960, available at Longchamp.

That doesn’t mean you have to find the most expensive or luxury of items, but instead, be mindful about your style and your look, giving each piece the attention it deserves.

Put comfort at the forefront with soft linens in earthy tones, flowing mini dresses designed for freedom or choose pieces with details that bring you joy—an unexpected print or hand-sewn design, or colours that remind you of a favourite place or time.

Remember: Less Is More

If there’s one rule at the forefront of Parisian style, it would certainly be less is more. And it’s an ethos that’s applied to an entire look, not just items of clothing.

Longchamp Parisian style less is more
Longchamp Roseau Végétal top handle bag in green, $830, available at Longchamp.

Parisian fashion centres around minimalism, with a few well-made and versatile pieces forming the building blocks of an entire wardrobe—think perfectly tailored pants paired with a boyfriend-style jacket, accessorised with a few key pieces of timeless and classic jewellery.

The less is more rule also applies to beauty, with a good haircut that requires little styling and maintenance, fresh and dewy skin and a swipe of bold red lipstick the key to making a big impact with little effort.

Add a spritz of a signature eau de parfum and your chic and effortlessly cool inner Parisian is ready to shine.

Channel your inner Parisian chic style with Longchamp’s Roseau bag, available in a range of timeless styles and shades, like crocodile-style yellow leather or cotton canvas with soft floral motifs.

Brought to you by Longchamp.

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