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Which ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Are Actually Actresses?

A lot goes on behind the scenes...

It’s only week three of The Bachelor Australia and already we’ve seen a fair bit of on-screen tension between some of the contestants vying for Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins‘ heart. 

Threesome Cat, Romy and Alisha have firmly cemented themselves as this season’s ‘villains’ with an argument breaking out at last week’s cocktail party between Cat and contestant Shannon Baff. 

But off air, we missed another spat, this time between rumoured winner Brittany Hockley and Romy Poulier.

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Speaking to NW, Alisha Aitken-Radburn revealed that Brittany confronted Romy about her TV résumé – despite the fact she has also acted in the past.

“Brittany gets in Romy’s face about being and actress when she herself has a Star Now profile and has a bloody Getaway showreel on YouTube,” Alisha said.

“It’s those double standards that get me.”

Of course, Brittany and Romy aren’t the only two contestants with an acting background: Cassandra Wood has long been an extra on Home & Away, which had many questioning her motives prior to the show. 

But that’s not all: Shannon Baff also had a small role in the Aussie horror film Wolf Creek 2, per The Daily Mail.

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