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‘The Bachelor’ Star Brooke Blurton Says That Australia Might Not Be ‘Ready’ For A Bisexual Bachelorette

She'd be the first in the country's history
Brooke Blurton Alex Nation

After appearing as one of the first openly bisexual contestants on The Bachelor Australia, we were very excited by rumours that Brooke Blurton could be tapped to be the next Bachelorette.

Not only would she have made history as the country’s first openly bisexual Bachelorette, but she also would have been our first Indigenous suitress

However, the rumours were quashed when Network 10 made the surprise announcement that sisters Elly and Beky Miles would be our 2020 Bachelorettes. 

But it seems that not all hope is lost for the Perth native after she recently revealed that she would be ‘very open’ to the idea.

Addressing the rumours of her potential gig on The Babble podcast, the 25-year-old confirmed that while nothing was official, it didn’t mean that nothing ever could be.

“Look, there was no offer made, but I wouldn’t say that I’m not open to it,” she said before expressing a keen interest.    

“I don’t know, I’d be very open to it,” she continued.  

But despite her willingness, she voiced some concerns over how the show would have to adapt so that all genders were included in the contestant pool. 

“I’m a little bit different in the sense that I date both sexes and whether Channel 10 and Warner Brothers would be up to a bi Bachelorette [is the question],” she said. 

Seeing as we now have two leading ladies, we think it’s safe to say that the network is able to adapt. However, Brooke noted that she wasn’t sure if the country’s response would be positive.

“I don’t know what they would think that looks like or if Australia would be ready for that”. 

Brooke Blurton Alex Nation

Appearing on last year’s Bachelor In Paradise, Brooke made headlines when she took fellow contestant Alex Nation on a date. 

The pair seemed to hit it off and had a romantic date, however, Alex ended up choosing to stick with Bill Goldsmith (for reasons we’ll never understand). 

Brooke ended up telling WHO magazine last year that she doesn’t think that Alex was ever really honest with her.

“I just think Alex never really was genuine with her feelings and I could really read through that,” she said. 

She also expressed her pride in being able to bring some much-needed diversity to the show. 

I’d like to see more same-sex relationships on TV and I love the fact I was a part of that.”

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