Niranga Has Accused A ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Co-Star Of Making Racist Comments

The newly eliminated contestant took to Instagram to share his experiences

On Wednesday night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradisewe said farewell to Niranga Amarasinghe, as Cass Mamone chose to give her rose to newcomer Jackson Garlick (much to Brittney Weldon’s dismay). 

The episode saw Niranga ask Brittney on a one-on-one date, but she wanted to stay back at Paradise to spend more time getting to know Jackson.

The date was quickly shut down, with Britt tearfully expressing how frustrated she felt over spending three weeks without the potential of an actual rose, as opposed to the ‘friendship’ roses she and Jamie had been dishing out.

While we saw the events unfold, many viewers began to criticise Brittney for not willing to go on the date, so Niranga took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday to share that following the filming of that scene, Brittney quickly apologised for her reaction. 

“Please be nice to this one,” he wrote. “She might be a wild spirit but she has a heart of gold who I have the utmost respect towards. She immediately apologised off-camera when this was filmed.”

But he had plenty more to say about another Bachelor In Paradise co-star, claiming that racist comments were made about him behind his back while filming. 

He wrote: “When one particular [person] comes out saying they got a bad edit, it infuriated me. There were so many more nasty comments to me and other people. One particular moment telling several people they wouldn’t take me back to the parents because of where I was from.”

“Can’t pronounce my name and doesn’t even know where I’m from,” Niranga added. “I accept rejection it’s life, but this I don’t…not once have they ever apologised. You know the one.” 

Niranga chose not to name who he was referring to. 

(Credit: Instagram)

He also added his support for Jamie Doran, who is reportedly taking legal action against Channel 10. “People like @jamiecdoran got over the top edits. Love you bro,” he wrote. 

Following his elimination, Niranga also weighed in on contestants claiming they got “bad edits.”

It all started when Cass took to Instagram to suggest that footage of her had been used to string sentences together that never occurred. 

“I OWN what ever [sic] comes out of my mouth directly,” she wrote to Instagram, “but I will NOT own pieces of different interviews at different times pieced together to steer a narrative.”

Responding to a comment underneath a photo posted to account @bachiefunny, Niranga simply said: “Let’s just say she looked good in the edits 😂”. 

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