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Courtney Cox Has Given Herself A Gen Z Makeover

"Am I slaying this right?"
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Courteney Cox was a 90s fashion icon—but that hasn’t stopped the Friends actress from giving a new generation’s style a try. 

In a hilarious Instagram Reel, the 59-year-old actress decided to give herself “Gen Z girl” makeover. 

The short video features Cox scrolling through pictures of Gen Z girls on social media, before announcing “Look at these Gen Z girls, so cute. I want to do that!” 

Courtney Cox
Courteney Cox scrolling through social media. (Credit: Instagram)

With Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ playing in the background, Cox gives us close-ups of her applying a lot of eyeliner, highlight and lipstick, and styling her dark hair into two cute pigtails with tendrils before swapping her cosy jumper and classic jeans out for a pair of distressed jeans, crocheted crop top and tie-dye zip-up jacket. 

The video ends with the Friends actress jokingly sticking out her tongue and flashing the peace sign at the camera, while she takes a selfie. 

Courtney Cox
Courteney Cox’s Gen Z makeover. (Credit: Instagram)

The video, which Cox posted to Instagram with the caption, “am I slaying this right?” was met with applause from her Instagram followers, who also clearly found the Reel hilarious. 

One follower commented, “I’m more invested in your reels than I am in my future,” with others simply impressed with how good Cox still looks, writing “SLAAAAAAY” and “Omg!! Seriously how are you over 50?? You look amazing!!!!”

Not every 59-year-old would be brave enough to tackle such a youthful look and we love that Cox isn’t afraid to make fun of herself. 

But with an 18-year-old daughter at home, we can only imagine that she’s been getting some helpful pointers behind the scenes. 

Since appearing on the Friends Reunion, Cox has been busy filming the television series Shining Vale and the two Scream films.

The latest Scream film, Scream IV, which sees Cox star alongside Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere and Melissa Barrera Martinez, is set to be released this March. 

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