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Meet The Ordinary Australians Trying To Evade Capture On ‘Hunted’ Australia 2023

It's a whole new game of cat and mouse.
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Hunted Australia is back for its second season, which means we’re about to begin a whole new game of cat and mouse. 

If you aren’t familiar with the still relatively new reality show, it’s essentially an adult version of hide-and-seek—only one that takes place across the entire state of Victoria. 

During the game, ordinary Australians sign up to become ‘fugitives’ and attempt to evade capture from the ‘hunters’ for 21 days. With limited funds and some of the best investigators in the world at their tail (former cops and surveillance experts), not getting caught is no easy task. 

Like many reality shows, the winners receive a cash prize and in Hunted’s case, the prize is $100,000. 

So, let’s meet the new fugitives of Hunted Australia 2023. 

Meet The Cast Of Hunted Australia 2023 

Ben and Callum 

Hunted Australia 2023
Ben and Callum are friends from Victoria. (Credit: Channel 10)

Ben, 26, and Callum, 27, are friends hailing from Victoria. They describe themselves as geeks and plan to use this to their advantage. Ben’s keen to put his IT knowledge to good use to expose data loopholes the hunters might be searching on them. The Melbourne locals also have a network of family and friends to utilise during the series, including their online ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ group, who may be able to help them stay off grid. 

Bayan and Eesha 

Ben and Aeysha
Bayan and Eesha are friends from Western Australia. (Credit: Channel 10)

Bayan, 43, and Eesha, 32, are friends from Western Australia. Bayan is a self proclaimed ‘genius’ who currently works as an engineer, although he has also been in the army for seven years. Eesha, who works as a medium and motivational coach, admits that while she might not be as physically strong as Bayan, her mental resilience is not to be underestimated. The pair plan to use their connections in the Middle Eastern network and Bayan’s intelligence experience to evade capture. 

Taylah and Glenn 

Tayla and glenn
Taylah and Glenn join the show from Queensland. (Credit: Channel 10)

Taylah, 24, joins Hunted with her boxing coach, 50-year-old Glenn. With Taylah currently being ranked the #1 Australian female boxer in the super fly weight division, and Glenn being a former soldier with 17 years of military experience, this team might be one of the hunters’ biggest threats. 

Tanase and Byron 

Byron hunted 2023
Tanase and Byron are siblings from South Australia. (Credit: Channel 10)

Tanase, 36, and Byron, 37, are siblings from South Australia. Having moved to Melbourne together 15 years ago, the pair are self-described city slickers. While it will be their first time camping, they still plan to head out into the bush. During the chase, Byron and Tanase plan to call on their support group of West African communities, as well as Byron’s queer allies

Cath and Kel 

Cath and Kel Hunted 2023
Cath and Kel are friends from Victoria. (Credit: Channel 10)

Cath, 54, and Kel, 59, are friends from Victoria. Both work as high school sexuality educators and they have known each other for over 30 years. As the oldest duo in the competition, their strategy is to remember their physical limitations and rely on their life experience and social intelligence. Similarly, these two aren’t planning on roughing it and are hoping to still have their glass of Chardonnay at the end of each day. 

Jim and Ed 

Jim and Ed
Jim and Ed are colleagues turned friends from New South Wales. (Credit: Channel 10)

Ed, 29, and Jimi, 31, are former radio colleagues. While they initially clashed over who was the most flamboyant, the pair are now close friends. Ed and Jim plan on using their social skills to rely on the kindness of strangers for directions, decoys and even places to stay. 

Holly and Josh 

Holly and Josh are a couple from Victoria. (Credit: Channel 10)

Holly, 23, and Josh, 25, are a young couple from Victoria. Being a paramedic and rifleman in the Australian Army Reserves, Josh has ample experience in surveillance and survival techniques. Holly, who is a dancer, plans to utilise her special effects makeup skills to help the couple disguise while on the run. 

Gracie and Megan

Hunted Australia Cast
Gracie and Megan (Credit: Channel 10)

Gracie, 22, is joining Hunted with her aunt, 46-year-old Megan. The pair, who hail from Queensland, already spend their days together, as they work together in Megan’s beauty salon. Gracie and Megan are both adrenalin junkies who plan to bring their energy and vivaciousness to the hunt. They’re also keen to prove they can go without fake tan and makeup for 21 days. 

Elerrina and Sonja 

Elerrina and Sonja are friends from Queensland. (Credit: Channel 10)

Elerrina, 38, and Sonja, 41, met at a watermelon eating contest last year. Despite being complete opposites in every way, the pair became fast friends. Sonja, who works as a medical receptionist, plans to be the decision maker on the hunt, while Elerrina, who works in radio, will be more ‘go with the flow.’ 

Tharren and Jordan 

Jordan and Tharren
Tharren and Jordan are a father-son duo from Victoria and New South Wales. (Credit: Channel 10)

Tharren is a 53-year-old pastor in a Juvenile Detention Centre For Boys in New South Wales. He’s joining the show with his 29-year-old son Jordan, who works as a high school teacher in Victoria. While on the run, the pair plan to do one good deed a day, which they hope will come back around to them in some form of help. Tharren also plans on utilising the network of regional churches and possibly even taking refuge in the safety of the church grounds overnight. 

Hunted Australia airs 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday on 10 and 10 Play. 

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