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Lara Worthington Posts Loved-Up Picture Alongside Husband Sam, Taken By Their Eldest Son

They're one of Australia's most elusive couples

Lara and Sam Worthington are one of Australia’s most mysterious couples. Ever since they began dating in 2013. A year later, the couple relocated from Sydney to New York, and wed in 2014. The couple shares two young sons – Rocket and Racer, but remain quiet about their home lives. 

But, Lara’s latest Instagram has given fans a sweet look at her relationship with Sam, sharing a candid photo of the two taken by their eldest son Rocket. “Photo by Rocket 🤗,” she captioned. 

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The mother-of-two previously spoke with Buro 24/7 about having two children, and how her life has changed since welcoming Rocket-Zot Worthington in 2015, and Racer Worthington in 2016.“You know, my husband is amazing. He is a fantastic father, fantastic husband and we’re just a really good team. We’ve grown together and grown as a family and I think that’s the most important thing.

“We travel everywhere together and we never have more than two weeks apart from each other – and that really works for us,” she continued. “He’s just so good with the kids, he does the night feeds and everything- he is seriously superhuman! And Sam will work a 17-hour day…my days seriously do not compare to his at all.

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“He also inspires me to be that kind of businesswoman/mum.  He’s always like, ‘you can do whatever you want Lara’ and I guess when you get that support at home, you get that inspiration. It really is all about what comes from the inside out, and if you’re happy with your surroundings – you can do it all!”

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