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Are ‘Married At First Sight’s’ Melinda And Layton Still Together?

Has this career-driven couple made it work?
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Married At First Sight’s Melinda and Layton appeared to be the perfect couple. From the moment they graced our screens, audiences were convinced their drive and career-focused ambitions were the signs of serious compatibility.

But as the season unfolded, cracks began to show in their near-perfect pairing. So is this fiery couple the real deal? Here’s everything we know.

Who Are Melinda Richelle And Layton Mills?

Melinda, 32, is a CEO from Queensland. Prior to the experiment, she had been single for four years, as a result of dedicating most of her time to growing her career. She describes herself as an ‘alpha female’, and is looking for an equally ambitious man to match her energy. 

Layton, 35, hails from New South Wales and is also a CEO. Like Melinda, he struggles to put love before work. However, as the only single person left in his group of friends, Layton is committed to focusing on finding the perfect match.

Melinda and Layton. (Credit: Image: @melindarichelle)

The Wedding

Many MAFS viewers expected a perfect match to come from this wedding, with Melinda and Layton’s shared drive and ambitious lifestyle making them an ideal pairing….on paper.

But Melinda was quick to judge Layton’s physical appearance, saying, “First impressions… he may be punching just a little. I would swipe left. I’m a 9 and a half… on a bad day. My usual type is more…tall, dark, handsome, European, chiselled.”

The awkwardness continued after the ceremony, when Melinda made it clear that she was not ready to be intimate with Layton. Layton’s response to this reasonable request, however, was to resort to the living room and work on his laptop, rather than get to know his new bride.

The First Dinner Party

At the first dinner party, Melinda proved her tough exterior runs deep, as she took issue with controversial groom, Harrison. Rumours had swirled amongst the couples that Harrison had a girlfriend outside the experiment, and when Harrison tried to convince everyone that there was no truth to them, Melinda was not convinced.

In an interview with WHO, she said, “Players like him often choose genuine, nice, good-hearted girls like his bride Bronte. Because they’re so nice, guys can walk all over them. I felt like that’s what I was seeing happen with Bronte.” 

Layton and Melinda. (Credit: Image: @melindarichelle)

Intimacy Week

During intimacy week, Melinda and Layton were tasked with gazing into each other’s eyes for five minutes straight. When Layton failed to complete the challenge, Melinda was open in expressing her frustration.

Keen to make it up to his new wife, Layton organised a private dance lesson for the couple. 

Impressed, Melinda said, “The fact that Layton actually organised this date is quite cute. I really like that he’s made the conscious effort.”

The Retreat

Tensions rose when Melinda and fellow bride Evelyn decided to spy on a ‘boys night’ during the retreat. 

Watching on, Melinda overheard Harrison telling Layton that their relationship was “toxic.”

“I just feel like, here’s two people that are portraying a certain relationship and it’s really fake,” Harrison told Layton.

Furious, Melinda returned to the girls, and confronted Harrison’s wife, Bronte. An explosive argument followed, with Bronte eventually telling Harrison of the night’s events, who then shared it with Layton.

Layton, shocked at his wife’s actions, said he “finds it really disappointing.”

The following morning, Melinda reflected on the evening, telling cameras, “I feel sad because I really needed Layton’s support last night and he cares more about everyone else’ feelings.

Layton and Melinda. (Credit: Image: @melindarichelle)

The Final Vows

To make their final vows, Melinda and Layton met at the Sydney Harbour Bridge—the same place they got married. 

From the moment the pair looked at each other and smiled, viewers became pretty certain that they knew what their answers would be. 

Those expectations were confirmed when Layton told Melinda that he was falling in love with her. 

“The last week for me has been a constant battle between my head and my heart. Our relationship is hard and us being together is a risk so I’m ready to take that risk with you today,” Layton said. 

“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all and I am falling in love with you.”

Melinda’s vows also confirmed her feelings for Layton as she told him, “you are my match and I don’t think that’s just inside the experiment. I’m not ready to throw in the towel on what could be happily ever after.

“Layton, in case you’re still confused with how I feel about you let me make it clear, I love you and I want us to be together.”

Melinda and Layton
Layton and Melinda embrace during their final vows. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Are Melinda and Layton still together?

While Melinda and Layton are yet to publicly disclose their relationship, it looks like the couple are still together. 

Viewers suspected the couple might be going well after the pair were caught cuddling up at the airport in December but with no hints since then, its been a waiting game to see if they have made it work. 

As per the Daily Mail, the couple were also more recently spotted on a double date with fellow MAFS couple Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton. 

At this stage, it looks like good news for Layton and Melinda. 

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