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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends That Offer Timeless Elegance

A jewel for life.

Choosing the right engagement ring for you can be a difficult task (almost as difficult as trying to hint to your significant other what you’d like), so sometimes it’s nice to know what styles are getting the most love.

We sat down with the engagement ring experts at Sarah & Sebastian and Natalie Marie Jewellery to really understand what is flying off the shelves, for the ultimate ring inspo.

According to Sarah Munro, Sarah & Sebastian’s creative director, the term ‘quiet luxury’ has really come into play in the engagement space overall.

“It speaks to the prevailing sentiment of what clients are looking for; elevated designs that stand the test of time,” she explains. “To me this underscores the importance of prioritising quality, especially when it comes to the diamonds we source, each individually chosen for their exceptional clarity and brilliance.”

Top 7 Engagement Ring Trends In Australia

1. Asymmetry

Sarah & Sebastian’s ‘ARIA’ collection. (Credit: Image: Instagram/Sarah & Sebastian)

You may have noticed the rise of the classic toi-et-moi style of engagement ring, seen on Megan Fox, Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner. However, these often asymmetrical styles have been beloved for years, with one Van Cleef & Arpels piece famously worn by Jackie Kennedy, given to her by JFK.

According to Munro, “We’ve seen clients increasingly drawn to asymmetry in engagement ring silhouettes, particularly resonating with our Aria Collection.

“I’ve always appreciated the inherent romanticism of a toi-et-moi ring and its symbolism of connection. Nonetheless, I wanted to explore how this classic style could be reinterpreted, infusing modernity with an architectural silhouette. Each Aria ring celebrates a suspended center diamond, encircled by a band that follows the contours and shape of the accent stone.”

Natalie Fitch, founder of Natalie Marie Jewellery says she has also brought her own twist to this classic style.

“We enjoy breathing fresh perspectives into classic ceremonial designs, such as trilogy rings [which feature three stones, not two].

“Our Sweeping Wire Trio is a great example of how we can use innovative design to highlight and support the feature stones while maintaining a fine and minimal aesthetic.

2. Championing The Solitaire

Ovals are in favour. (Credit: Image: Instagram/Natalie Marie Jewellery)

According to Fitch, a classic solitaire (a single diamond stone heroed as opposed to many) is a “forever favourite”, particularly in oval, round and brilliant cuts.

“Natural diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds and sapphires are some of the favourite stones selected to shine in these elevated yet classic pieces,” she says.

Munro agrees. “Many are also requesting solitaire settings with elongated stone shapes like marquise or emerald diamonds. Experimentation in the engagement space feels very of the moment and a break from tradition always feels special and meaningful.”

3. Mixed Metals

White gold and platinum settings are coming back. (Credit: Image: Instagram/Sarah & Sebastian)

At Natalie Marie, they’ve noticed a gentle increase in the amount of bright white gold and platinum engagement rings being purchased, slanting away from a classic yellow gold setting.

“I personally wear a platinum ring alongside my yellow gold jewellery and feel the contrast adds a focal point to my layering,” explains Fitch.

4. Men’s Engagement Rings

Don’t forget the men! (Credit: Image: Instagram/Sarah & Sebastian)

For Munro, a huge rise in the interest in men’s diamond rings has been an interesting change to the way couples are commemorating engagements.

“This shift is exciting, given our recent launch of our men’s jewellery collection “TRACTION,” which has garnered significant attention for its range of diamond bands and signet rings.”

5. Signet Rings

(Credit: Image: Instagram/Natalie Marie Jewellery)

Munro admits that the rise in interest in signet rings and heavier styles is also observed in women.

“It’s worth highlighting that these more substantial designs have struck a chord with both men and women. Notably, there has been an uptick in requests for larger diamond signets, underlining the universal appeal of these weightier styles,” she says.

Fitch agrees, “Signet rings have been a Natalie Marie Jewellery staple for the past decade, and we are seeing this style now transition more into the ceremonial space as many lean towards heavier, chunkier engagement styles.

She adds, “A statement piece, especially when featuring a larger feature stone, signet styles are both practical and striking.”

6. Vintage Inspiration

(Credit: Image: Instagram/Natalie Marie Jewellery)

There’s no denying the timeless style that comes with a vintage ring, just ask Kate Middleton.

“As lovers of vintage jewellery, we have always enjoyed injecting our bespoke designs with vintage inspired detailing,” explains Fitch. 

“Combining fine, traditional embellishments with our signature refined styling creates a distinctive aesthetic which unifies timelessness with classic charm.”

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