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Why Australians Have The Best Chance Of Getting Eras Tour Tickets

Yes, even though there's no Brisbane show.
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There’s no denying that getting Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets is starting to feel like winning the lottery, with millions of hardcore Swifies battling it out for a golden spot in that iconic arena.

We’ve heard ‘Sad, Beautiful, Tragic’ tales on ticketing day, with some happy crying into their laptops while others anxiously throw them across the room at an ‘Access Denied’ error message.

And yet, when you look at the statistics, getting Eras tickets is a lot more likely than winning the lottery (which is practically negligible at 1 in 45 million), and Australian fans actually have an even better chance than their American counterparts.

While Swift may have performed a whopping 52 stadium shows in the US, racking up an estimated 2.6 million ticket sales, America has a lot more people than Australia, meaning the odds were not in US fans’ favour.

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This is exciting news for everyone who is anxiously awaiting to see whether they will be one of ‘The Lucky Ones’, pun very much intended, to see the greatest show on earth (well, we think that anyways).

Of course, fans across Australia were devastated to hear that alongside Perth, Hobart and Adelaide, Brisbane would not be getting any Eras Tour dates confirmed.

This was likely due to scheduling issues, with Australia sandwiched between Taylor Swift’s American and European tours and unable to secure that much needed extra weekend to move the set to yet another city (it is estimated to take about three days to move her stage from one stadium to the next).

Then there was the dreaded news that no, Swift would not get the chance to go to New Zealand either. Aussie fans immediately put two-and-two together, that their estimated 450k tickets would be up for grabs for those across the Tasman Sea as well.

Yet, despite the losses in Brisbane and New Zealand (yes, it is ‘The Great War’) we still manage to come out on top with odds of getting tickets better than the US. Why? Because we live in very sparsely populated countries (despite what the traffic along Bondi in Sydney would tell you) and our per capita chances are thus still really promising.

What Are The Odds Of Getting Taylor Swift Tickets In Australia Compared To The US?

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If we go along with estimates that 2.6 million tickets were available for sale in the United States, and consider that there are 336 million Americans in total, the chance of getting an Eras Tour ticket per capita was a measly 0.77 per cent.

However, when you calculate the same sum with Australian numbers, it tells a different story.

With an estimated 450K tickets available in Australia to our population of 26.4 million people, the chance of getting an Eras Tour ticket per capita jumps to 1.7 per cent. It goes down slightly if we include New Zealand, adding their 5.2 million population to ours, to 1.4 per cent.

Still, that is a lot more than the US.

There’s no denying that getting Eras Tour tickets in Australia will still be a battle. Swift was ranked #2 on Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artists Globally in 2022, (behind Bad Bunny at #1) and has 91.7 million monthly listeners worldwide according to Songstats.

But, as you log on to battle it out, or go up against the masses for resale, just remember that as far as the maths can take us, the Swiftie Gods are with you.

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