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‘Bachelor’ Frontrunner Sophie Tieman Spotted Wearing Diamond Ring

Days after proposal rumours...

Despite Bachelor contestant Sophie Tieman not yet scoring a one-on-one date with Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins – and other frontrunners such as Brooke and Brittany scoring a lot of airtime – fans think the 25-year-old just accidentally confirmed she wins the show.

In a photo posted by Sophie’s business Instagram, Two Corporate Girls, on which her and a friend model stylish, work appropriate outfits, the commercial property valuer looks to be wearing an engagement ring on her left hand. 

The post comes just one day after reports the Honey Badger proposes on the show and that the winner and Wallabies’ player take part in a commitment ceremony in this year’s finale.

An insider told NW that Cummins told producers he was ready to pop the question and make it official. “We thought it was a joke,” they said. “But he said he just wanted to ‘make her his missus’ – and told the crew to call in ‘any old celebrant’ who could make it happen.”

The Daily Mail previously reported that Sophie is this season’s winner, publishing back in June that “it is believed Nick has found love on the dating show with Sophie Tieman, a corporate fashion blogger who also works in commercial property valuations.” 

The blonde bombshell has also done some hinting of her own, revealing she has moved from Brisbane to Sydney and is now calling the Northern Beaches her new home – coincidentally, also where Mr Bachelor resides.

sophie tieman

“Look property is bigger and better in Sydney, I specialise in property valuations so why wouldn’t I be based in Sydney?” the 25-year-old coyly admitted to Woman’s Day.

“I’m here with a best friend of mine that’s also moved down.”

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