A Sneaky New Set Photo From ‘And Just Like That’ Basically Confirms Carrie & Mr. Big Are On The Outs

Our suspicions were correct.

Well, it appears the rumours are true. After a bunch of rumours surrounding the longevity of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big’s relationship in the rebooted Sex And The City series, HBO’s And Just Like That, a sneaky new set photo seems to have confirmed our suspicions. 

You’d have been hard pressed not to see the pap pictures from New York as the OG cast filmed the new series (sans Kim Cattrall) over the last few months. With the snaps have come a bunch of theories as to what the narrative will actually entail. 

Of course, we got a dose of Big and Carrie several weeks ago when they were spotted filming both in Paris and in New York together (a short sneak peek for the series also confirmed that the pair are still together for at least some of it). 

But this week, new images emerged of actor Sarah Jessica Parker in her iconic character having a cheeky smooch session with someone that definitely wasn’t Mr. Big AKA Chris Noth. 

The man in question? Actor Jon Tenney. 

(Credit: Getty)

Little is known about Tenney’s character, though we do now know that he’ll be at least some form of love interest for Carrie—the new Aidan, perhaps? 

There’s also the fact that Parker and Tenney have serious chemistry. They were spotted laughing and joking together while filming their scenes—Mr. Big is definitely shaking. 

(Credit: Getty)

Back in July, Page Six claimed it had a leaked script which gave away some series plot points from the highly anticipated reboot.

Per the publication, the script apparently revealed that Carrie and Mr. Big’s love story had come to an end, with the pair in the throes of a divorce. 

To add, the iconic sex columnist also now has a podcast, which no doubt delves into the nitty gritty realities of her relationships. 

However this unnamed—but undoubtedly charming—new man comes into the series is anyones guess. But we won’t have to wait long to find out, the series is set to drop in December. 

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