These Chic Diffusers Are Here To Bring You A Calm Space And Clear Mind

We could all do with a little zen right now.

The world is a crazy place at the best of times, but right now it feels crazier than ever. While it can feel hard to unwind at the end of a long day (especially if you’re working from home), it’s all about changing your surroundings to create a relaxing space. 

But how, I hear you ask? While different things work for different people, it’s pretty universally agreed upon that essential oil diffusers are incredibly calming (the power of aromatherapy is real). Whether you’re looking to de-stress, focus or drift off into a deep slumber – there’s an essential oil out there for every kind of mood-setting need. While finding the right oils are the straightforward part, hunting down the right diffuser is the fun bit. 

Given that everyone has a different home aesthetic, there are a million-and-one different designs out there. If your home decor style is a little more understated, opt for one of the stone-look diffusers. If you’re keen to have the diffuser as a focal point in the room, there are a range of eye-catching designs and colours out there, too. 

Below, our favourite essential oil diffusers that are so chic, they double as home decor. You’ll be breathing your way to a better headspace in no time… happy zenning. 

The Best Diffusers To Shop In Australia


360 Diffuser, $199.95 by In Essence.


 Appellation Stone Essential Oil Diffuser in Biscuit, $169 at Hardtofind.


Endota Livewell Essential Oil Diffuser, $80 at The Iconic.


Alycon Kiyoshi Teardrop Ultrasonic Diffuser, $139 at Zanui.


Vahy Desert Nōmad Home Scent Diffuser, $190 at Hardtofind. 


Grey Marle Ultrasonic Diffuser, $89.95 (currently $62.96) by In Essence.


Aroma Dune Ultrasonic Diffuser, $89.95 (currently $79.95) at Lime Tree Kids.


Woodgrain Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser, $54.95 (currently $38.46) by In Essence.


In Essence Breathe Remedy Pack, $74.95 at Myer.


The Goodnight Co Woodgrain Essential Oil Diffuser, $80 at The Iconic.

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