Everything We Know (So Far) About ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3

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So you’ve binged your way through the entirety of Bling Empire season two. You’ve seen the epic showdown between Kane, Christine and Anna (well, part of it, at least), and now, you’re desparate to know what comes next. 

Well, we’re with you—which is why we took it upon ourselves to understand not only if a third season is on the cards, but also when its on the cards. 

Keep scrolling for all the information we know so far. 

(Credit: Netflix)

Will there be a third season of Bling Empire?

At this stage, Netflix is yet to confirm season 3 has the green light—but Dorothy Wang, who appeared in season two, has let the cat out of the bag already. 

Page Six reports that the third season is locked and loaded, with the reality star telling the publication: “All the drama that you see [in Season 2], it really continues to intensify and heat up.” 

After the addictive first season dropped in January 2021, it took Netflix a whole two months before they announced season two was in the works. 

Here’s hoping we get a similar—if not shorter—timeline for season three’s announcement. 

When will season 3 be released?

Wong revealed that the third season would “probably” premiere at the end of the US summer. If she means this year, that suggests we could see it drop on Netflix as early as September 2022. Fingers crossed!

What happened between Kane, Christine and Anna at the end of season two?

As we all witnessed, season two left us on a major cliffhanger regarding the drama between Kane, Christine and Anna. 

It started when Kane claimed to Anna that Christine had heard her alleging she wanted to “end” her. But when Anna and Christine come to blows, they discover that Kane has actually bent the truth. 

Suddenly, the tables turned on Kane, and just as he’s about to be confronted… the season ends. 

Wang hinted that there’s nothing but more drama where these three are concerned, telling Page Six that in season three, “A lot of lines are drawn and a lot of friendships are ended.” 

(Credit: Netflix)

What else will happen in season 3?

The third season ended with another unexpected twist—Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Drew returned, and he appeared to be woo-ing Anna.

The last cliffhanger, of  course, was the outcome of the budding relationship between Kevin and Kim. Lucky for us, we already have some insight into where the pair stand now (read the full investigation here). 

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