Couples Are Now Taking Their Honeymoon Before The Wedding But Should You?

Welcome to the era of the 'earlymoon.'
Sofia Richie

These days, weddings are becoming less about tradition and more about a couple’s personal preferences—and when it comes to the honeymoon, a holiday traditionally taken straight after the wedding, couples are also shaking things up.

In recent years, newlyweds seem less inclined to head to the airport after the wedding, instead opting for more drawn out post wedding celebrations with their family and friends, such as post-wedding brunch and recovery drinks.

In a similar vein, it’s not uncommon for couples to opt for a shorter holiday that’s closer to home straight after the wedding—sometimes known as a minimoon—and then taking a longer, more lavish overseas trip down the track.

The latest honeymoon trend to take hold is the earlymoon—a trip taken in the lead up to the big day.

As any to-be-wed couple knows, your relationship can get a little lost in all of the planning and organisation required in the lead up to the wedding. The idea of an early moon is to decompress and reconnect with your partner at such as an important time in your lives.

This sort of trip was famously taken by Pippa Middleton and James Matthews in 2017, when the couple jetted off the St. Barts just weeks before their big day.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews.
Pippa Middleton took a pre-wedding trip with James Matthews in the lead up to their wedding.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Trip Before The Wedding?

For some couples, taking a romantic holiday together before the wedding can be more beneficial than taking one afterwards.

With all of the planning that a wedding involves, couples generally feel more stressed in the lead up to the wedding than when its all over.

Taking a holiday together means that couples have the chance to spend quality time together without the pressure of wedding planning, giving them an opportunity to decompress and feel more connected when it comes to the big day.

Considering that the modern idea of a ‘honeymoon‘ comes from the outdated concept of bridal tours, which saw upper class couples in the 1800s make rounds to family and friends who couldn’t make the wedding, there’s no ‘right time’ to take a trip together.

Plus, if you can afford it, you can simply do both!

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Are There Any Reasons You Shouldn’t Take A Trip Before The Big Day?

Some couples might find the idea of travelling so close to their wedding too stressful—you don’t really want to be on a beach with dodgy internet when your caterer is trying to finalise the menus.

Other couples might simply want to save the excitement of a holiday for after the wedding—there’s nothing like a holiday to liven your spirits when you’re feeling a big deflated that your big day is done and dusted.

Where Should I Go For My Earlymoon?

If your wedding is still a while away then there’s not many places off the cards for an earlymoon however, if you’re wanting to sneak away in the lead up to the big day then its best to steer clear from anywhere with unpredictable WIFI, risks of food poisoning and dangers that might pose a challenge to your big day.

Some couples take the earlymoon as a chance to do a big trip that they can’t fit in straight after the wedding, such as an extended trip to Europe.

However, you don’t have to leave the country for an early moon—booking a staycation in your own city or weekend trip to the countryside is a good low stress alternative to the overseas earlymoon.

The Best Hotels To Book For An Earlymoon Staycation In Australia

Kimpton Margot

Kimpton Margot Sydney, an IHG Hotel

For those after a low-key city stay, check into Sydney’s Kimpton Margot hotel and spend the weekend by sipping cocktails but the pool and sampling a few too many cocktails at the nearby bars and restaurants.

Byron Bay's Swell Resort.

Swell Hotel Byron Bay

With sumptuous suits and a sparkling pool, Byron Bay’s adults only resort is the ideal place to escape the chaos of wedding planning.

Earlymoon hotels Tasmania.

Bay Of Fires Bush Retreat

Disconnect for a little while in one of the luxurious glamping tents at the Bay Of Fires Bush Retreat on the breathtaking east coast of Tasmania.

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