Several Contestants Reportedly Quit ‘The Bachelor’ When They Found Out About Locky Gilbert’s Job

It was apparently a major "headache" for the producers

Would you go on a reality TV show to find love? Turns out, even if you think the answer is ‘yes’, things could very well change at the last minute – or so it did for several almost-contestants of The Bachelor Australia 2020.

According to Woman’s Day, Locky Gilbert’s Bali-based living/livelihood situation caused something of an issue when casting the show’s bachelorettes, prompting a number of contestants to quit in the early stages of production.

“There was a revolving door of women, it was quite a headache for casting,” one production insider told the outlet.

“A lot of women were disinterested – it was just hard to get them to sign up and compete for a guy who spends half his life in another country.”

Gilbert, who gained fame on Survivor and spends months at a time in Indonesia for work, is well-known for being an outdoorsy type of guy, so it’s unsurprising that his tourism business centres around adventure travel and sports.

Per the outlet, Locky’s dual-country life apparently caused tensions beyond the casting process, with contestants apparently clashing over who would be more willing to move to Bali.

“It was a sore spot for a lot of the girls because they were falling in love, but a future with a guy who lives in another country for half the year is a big thing to consider,” the same source revealed.

“The first weeks of filming were quite awkward because of all that… the girls had to really be encouraged by producers to take the process seriously and put it all on the line for him.”

Little is known about the final crop of contestants, however punters have already picked a winner for The Bachelor Australia with 31-year-old Marlaina currently tipped to walk away with Locky’s final rose.

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