‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s Twelfth Episode Saw Ex-BFFs Bella And Irena Uncomfortably Co-Exist

With yet another "ahoy hoy" from Locky

With another episode of The Bachelor Australia has come and gone, and we’re still witnessing the never-ending feud between Irena and Bella.

On tonight’s episode, the remaining ladies were tasked with writing vow-like diary entries in dreamy garden landscapes—with conveniently placed Starbucks—fit for any rom-com. From there, they each participated in an odd, pre-wedding vow ceremony á la Married At First Sightwhile the rest of the house watched (and judged, of course) from afar.

Carrying on the doe-eyed Bella plot line, she and Locky tried to patch things up (quite literally), going on their second single date. There, they learned the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where they smashed a plate and then put the pieces back together as an oh-so-metaphoric symbol of their connection.

We were then blessed with a tear-free cocktail party, where Bella’s humble bragging made Irena uncomfortable (rightfully so) and we said goodbye to Kaitlyn—as expected from the elimination order that was leaked last night.

And while the episode itself was uneventful, Twitter certainly knew how to keep us entertained throughout.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best reactions to episode 12 of The Bachelor Australia:


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