‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s Seventh Episode Goes From Psychic Readings To Tears At The Cocktail Party (Again)

So. Many. Llamas.

Another week, another episode of The Bachelor Australia. Tonight, we saw the COVID-19 pandemic finally become a reality, sending the mansion into a tail spin.

Starting off with the addition of new lockdown laws, the first group date took place within the mansion walls. We met a psychic medium named Alison (no, not DuBois), who visualised an array of departed grandparents and a son in both Locky and Bella’s future (proving that she’s clearly Team Bella).

The romantic connection between Locky and Bella was on full display, from baby talk to ‘knights in shining armour’ metaphors, with Locky even admitting that “the llamas can see we have a strong attraction”. Despite this, he invites Roxi on a single date, much to the amusement of Areeba, who admitted: “It was so sexy, seeing them leave”.

Their date was followed by yet another rose ceremony, where Roxi cried (again) and told Bella to “jog on” after she kissed Locky (on a dating show, how dare she?!) but ultimately, we said goodbye to five ladies: Laura, Marguerite, Areeba, Gemma and Charley.

From ‘Love In Lockdown’ to Laura’s cocktail dress commentary, the internet knows exactly how we feel.

Below, the best reactions to episode seven of The Bachelor Australia:


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