‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s Ninth Episode Introduced Us To Roxi’s Alter-Ego Ronda And A New Intruder

Plus Locky's questionable toast-making skills

We never thought the day would come, so pat yourself on the back, because we’ve made it to the last Zoom episode for The Bachelor Australia 2020.

For its last on-screen hurrah, Locky selected four lucky ladies for one last uncomfortable group date (via a Bachelor orientated video chat, of course) that had to include a special guest: a family member. But it also meant that we were introduced to Roxi’s alter-ego Ronda, supposedly in honour of MMA champion fighter Ronda Rousey.

BFFs no more, tensions rose (no pun intended) between Bella and Irena after she became fed up with Bella’s competitive behaviour. Following a rather morbid-looking piece of toast, Locky was introduced to intruder Bec, who is basically just him in female form. A former rugby player and lover of the outdoors, she is also “happy to live in a tent” which (oddly enough) was all Locky needed to hear to hand her a rose.

In case you missed it, Roxi and Juliette argued (yes, again), and we were threatened with another “appearance from Ronda”.  Sadly, we said goodbye to Nicole but happily bid adieu to Osher’s Big Brother-style online stalking.

From Izzy’s violent baking montage to the Blistex product placement, Twitter knows exactly how we felt about tonight.

Below, the best reactions to episode nine of The Bachelor Australia:


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