The Woman Behind Viral TikTok Exposing Locky’s Private Messages Has Claimed He Asked Her To Be An Intruder

"He tried to convince me to go on as an intruder, but it’s not really my cup of tea"

It looks like more drama is afoot for The Bachelor’s Locky Gilbert, with a new viral TikTok making its way across social media showing the private messages between the former Survivor Australia star and a 21-year-old influencer. 

Taking to the social media app, an influencer by the name of Claire Lucinda posted her messages while mouthing the lyrics to Emmanuel Hudson’s ‘Questions Part 3’. It has since been shared by the So Dramatic! podcast, with many flooding the comments to demand answers from the reality star. 

One look to Claire’s Instagram page, and it’s evident the pair share a lot in common – she’s recently travelled to Bali and even shared a photo of herself paragliding, an activity Locky has admitted was one of the “adventurous” traits he was looking for in a partner.

It’s also not the first time Locky has been called out for striking up a conversation with women who aren’t on the franchise. An insider previously told New Idea that the reality star had been “sliding into the DM’s of several women on Instagram”, adding he “likes all their photos to get their attention.” 

Since that TikTok went viral, Lucinda sent in a voice memo to the So Dramatic! podcast, revealing she was actually dating Locky before – and get this, during, filming. According to her, the current Bachelor even asked if she would appear as an intruder. 

“I’m literally so nervous of what I should and shouldn’t say, ‘cos I feel like I’m gonna get in so much trouble,” she told the podcast, going on to claim that Locky began messaging her following his stint on Survivor.

“After a couple of months, he tried to convince me to go on as an intruder, but it’s not really my cup of tea,” she added. “I never ever want to be disrespectful to the girls on the show or anyone he was dating, so we stopped talking when the show aired, but he was still trying to convince me to come on as an intruder but I was like… ‘it’s really not something that I want to do.’”

Former Bachelorette Angie Kent even recently called out Locky’s consistent “liking sprees” while his season of The Bachelor is airing. 

“I find it super disrespectful when dudes who have girlfriends go on cute little liking sprees of babes in bathers or lingerie,” she said via her Instagram, adding, “I mean sure, have a good old look and appreciate the magic that is the female class, you’re only human….but unless homegirl is your girlfriend or ya best friend, how about you don’t go and double-tap that? It’s not that hard.” 

It also comes as Locky’s final three were leaked by the Daily Mail, with paparazzi shots published by the publication showing favourite Bella Varelis, nurse Irena Srbinovska and intruder Bec Cvilikas.

At this stage, SportsBet is currently tipping Irena to win, with odds of $1.60, followed by Bella with $2.40 and Bec Cvilikas at a somewhat more distant $7.00.

A number of Instagram clues in recent weeks also seemingly hint that Irena wins Locky’s final rose. One of the most notable saw the Melbourne-based nurse responding to a fan on her page, which many took to confirm her standing as the season’s winner.

“I hope we get some more love story and less of the drama—I have stopped watching for now,” a fan commented on a post.

In response, Irena wrote: “The love story is coming I promise,” which was accompanied by a smiling face with love-heart emoji.

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