The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Cast React To The Series Finale

Mary and Conor are the love story we needed 😍

The latest season of Bachelor In Paradise finished up on Sunday night, and of course, it wasn’t without the drama. Four couples started the episode, but only three would make it to Paradise’s commitment ceremony. 

Following the episode, the cast took to Instagram to give an update on how things have fared since the series wrapped. Below, see which couples are still very much in love. 

Mary Viturino & Conor Canning 

The love story we all deserved! Mary and Conor revealed they are still very much together, with Mary even moving to Tasmania with her daughter Chanel. “I’m still in love with Conor and we have an amazing life together!” Mary wrote. “Big thank you to @bachelorinparadiseau and the girls from @warnerbroscastingau for bringing me this handsome prince!” 

Meanwhile, Conor wrote: “The ladies have arrived in Tasmania! I love you. Can’t wait to begin our life together.”


Renee Barrett & Matt Whyatt 

While Renee admits she’s “grateful” for the experience, she revealed on Instagram that the couple was no longer together. 

“We gave it our best shot but our love for each other wasn’t able to transition from Paradise to the real world,” she wrote. “I respect Matt and hope that you respect my privacy and understand that I won’t be going into any details. Matt and I remain friends (not all ex’s have to hate each other) and I wish him and his new partner nothing but happiness!”

Renee added that she’s glad she’s finally learnt “how I deserve to be treated.” 

Matt added, “We have left on very good terms and will remain that way.” He’s now dating Kim Hartnett, who appeared on season one of Love Island as an intruder before being evicted after just nine days in the villa.

Alisa Aitken-Radburn & Glenn Smith 

Another Paradise success story! Alisha and Glenn left the commitment ceremony declaring their love for one another, and have revealed on Instagram following the episode they are still together. 

“It’s been about 9 months since we finished filming in Fiji and it’s been a bit of whirlwind since then,” Alisha told fans in a video message. “I am now officially a citizen of Western Australia.”

“We’re just really enjoying life together,” Glenn added. “We really enjoyed watching the journey back, it’s like falling in love all over again.” 

Kiki Morris & Ciarran Stott

Bachelor in Paradise followed up on Kiki and Ciarran’s time since leaving Paradise, writing to Instagram:  “Within weeks, [Ciarran] ended the relationship. [Kiki] has not heard from him since.”

Kiki also took to social media to share an update: “Ciarran and I left Paradise 100% committed to give our relationship a go in the outside world. We had an instant spark that grew into a real and deep connection. Following Paradise, Ciarran moved to Sydney and for the most part of those 2 months things were really positive. It’s unfortunate our relationship didn’t work out the way we wanted, and we are no longer together.”

She added, “I wish him nothing but the best, and hope that he’s grown from this experience like I have. Always look forward and never look back!” 

Ciarran has yet to make a statement. 


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