Why Paddy’s Comments About Alex And Brooke On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Are So Problematic

You're cancelled, Paddy

This year, Bachelor In Paradise took a huge step forward in its portrayal of the LGBT community. However, it was all taken away when they decided to show Paddy Colliar’s sexist, and frankly outdated, comments.  

Alex Nation chose Brooke Blurton for a single date, the first same-sex date in Bachelor history. The series quickly took a step back on its movement towards inclusivity of the gay community when it gave fuel to the tried, offensive straight male trope of fetishising bisexual women, claiming they exist for the pure enjoyment of male entertainment. 

Paddy, as soon as Alex and Brooke had left the group, sexualised the pair. 

“I hope there’s oil and like massages and that and that we get to watch it back,” Paddy said. “That’s hot. That’s actually hot,” he added. 

He later added to the camera, “I’d love to be a fly on the wall for those two. You know…you can pause live TV now. I’d love to pause it on that.”

“Mate I’m just telling it how it is,” he laughed. “I’m just telling it how it is…we’re all thinking it.”

Please, just stop. 

Viewers had a lot to say about Paddy’s comments. 

WATCH: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Brooke And Alex Enjoy An Intimate Date.

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