‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Timm Hanly Confirms He’s Back Together With His Ex-Girlfriend

Following Brittany Hockley claiming he "ghosted" her following the show

While Timm Hanly and Brittany Hockley seemed like a solid couple on the latest season of Bachelor In Paradise, things wouldn’t quite go to plan in the outside world.

Following the series finale, Britt revealed that she was ghosted after leaving Paradise, and now Timm has confirmed he is back with an ex-girlfriend.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the reality star revealed he and girlfriend Briana De La Motte had been back together for the last few months, saying: “It was hard having a girlfriend and having that show on at the same time, she’s also glad it’s over and we can just live our lives now.” 

It was previously revealed on the So Dramatic! podcast that Timm and Briana were also in contact while he appeared on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette. 

“This week, Timm was spotted with a mystery brunette,” podcast host Megan Pustetto stated. “She’s his ex-girlfriend who personally confirmed to me after The Bachelorette last year that her and Timm dated for five years and had been on/off for the last two years.”

The host added, “Timm told Briana just before Angie’s [Kent] season that he was going on the show and she wasn’t happy because they weren’t over yet. I am told they were still in contact during Angie’s season. Timm hadn’t gotten over their breakup and would talk about her constantly in the house.”


After leaving Paradise, Britt spoke with 10play, sharing what exactly went down between the two. 

“The second he got outside… he was not the person I had just spent the last month with… he was just a different person and I was just so disappointed, so exasperated by the whole thing,” she said, going to claim that after continually reaching out to check in on how he was doing, because she’s “big on mental health”, Timm simply halted all contact.

“I just never heard from him again. He ghosted me. Blocked me on everything. I just thought this speaks volumes, I’m still trying to look out for you and you can’t even give me the time of day”, she said.

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