Which ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couples Are Still Together? An Investigation

One couple have reportedly moved in together

Now that Bachelor In Paradise has officially entered its final week, it’s time to start getting serious about the couples who have formed a connection over the past several weeks.

Many have had their ups and downs while others have seemingly breezed through Paradise in a bubble of love, and while we’ll finally get answers as to who ends up together – we thought it was about time to do a deep dive into which couples have lasted since filming wrapped at the end of last year. 

Below, see which Bachie couples have (and haven’t) stood the test of time on this season of Bachelor In Paradise. 

Brittany Hockley & Timm Hanly

We were all left with some whiplash after Timm Hanly and Brittany Hockley’s brisk departure from Bachelor in Paradise, and Brittany has since come out explaining why the two aren’t together anymore. 

In an interview with 10play, Brittany said: “I didn’t really question leaving with him. I could see Timm really starting to struggle in that environment. He was going downhill rapidly and it was really doing his head in. He was starting to become disappointed in his own behaviour which is really bad, but the fact that he could recognise that was a step in the right direction.” 

But once the pair were back in the outside world, things quickly took a turn“He wanted to start something with me on the outside, [he said] that I was the best thing to happen to him, all this stuff. I left and he became a different person,” she revealed. “The second he got outside… he was not the person I had just spent the last month with… he was just a different person and I was just so disappointed, so exasperated by the whole thing”. 

Renee Barrett & Matt Whyatt 

Bachelor In Paradise couple Renee and Matt didn’t have the easiest journey on the reality series, with Ciarran Stott causing drama left, right and centre for the pair. While we had hope for this budding romance, Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power revealed on the So Dramatic! Podcast that Renee and Matt called it quits after the series finished. 

“Sorry to anyone that’s watching Bachelor in Paradise,” Power said. “He’s dating Kim Hartnett from Love Island.”

Hartnett appeared on season one of Love Island as an intruder before being evicted after just nine days in the villa.


Keira Maguire & Alex Mckay

Some fans might be shocked to find out that there’s plenty of evidence to suggest Keira and Alex continued their relationship outside of Paradise. Shocking, we know. 

At the end of November last year, just after filming had wrapped, both reality stars uploaded near-identical snaps at Byron Bay’s lighthouse leading super-sleuths to believe they were taking a holiday together. 

Although, Keira has since confirmed her relationship with Love Island Australia star Matthew Zukowski. 


Mary Viturino & Conor Canning

The budding romance between Mary and Conor is actually one of this season’s most underrated, with the two forming a sweet and real connection over the past several weeks. And while there hasn’t been much evidence to suggest these two have either split or are still together, Instagram account @BachieFunny pointed out that back in February on Valentine’s Day, Mary was spotted in Hobart. Who is the only Bachelor In Paradise star to live in Tasmania? You guessed it: Conor. 

The two are also the only couple who seem to be gushing about each other on Instagram while the show is airing. Mary wrote alongside a snap of Conor in a suit: “My handsome prince 😍😍😍 🤤”, while Conor wrote, “You take my breath away” next to a photo of the two from the set. 

Alisha Aitken-Radburn & Glenn Smith 

Looks like some couples really do find love in Paradise! All signs point to Alisha and Glenn still being together and very much in love. 

Fan account @BachieFunny figured out that the Bachelor In Paradise promo gives away that these two leave Paradise together, and now eight months after filming wrapped the two are rumoured to be living together in Perth. 

Further evidence came when both Glenn and Alisha took a holiday to Darwin with other former Bachie stars but made sure they were never photographed together. You’re not fooling anyone, guys!

Kiki Morris & Ciarran Stott

It seems like things were going well for Kiki and Ciarran (despite the drama that unfolded at the Bula Banquet). Instagram sleuths revealed that the couple continued to date post-filming, but have since called it quits. 

According to @BachieFunny, on November 3 (apparently a week after returning from Paradise), the pair were spotted kissing and hanging out in Sydney. The fan account then points out the pair were “all over social together” for weeks before disappearing from each other’s accounts from January 2020. 

Since the episodes started airing and Ciarran has been getting a negative response from viewers, Kiki has been leaving cryptic messages on other Bachie stars photos. 


Brittney Weldon & Jackson Garlick 

While Brittney and Jackson may have finally gotten out of their love triangle with Cass, it seems things don’t end so well for the pair. 

A source told Woman’s Day that Jackson and a producer ended up leaving Paradise together. “She [the producer] had her eyes on a lot of the boys but she ended up hooking up with Jackson,” the source told the publication, adding that the two hit it off so much they continued their romance after filming finished.

“They were seeing each other quite a bit after the show – they definitely gave it a red hot go.”


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