The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Cast Are Weighing In On Last Night’s Explosive Confrontation

Renee, Timm and Matt have all shared their reactions

Last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise saw the idyllic island descend into chaos following some heated questions at the Bula Banquet (what’s new?), and now contestants are taking to Instagram to share their reactions to watching the events unfold. 

It all started with a question on whether anyone had ever previously cheated on a partner, which, we knew from a previous dinner party that Ciarran had cheated on ex-girlfriend Renee. Timm, ever loyal to Ciarran, and Matt, who was now pursuing a relationship with Renee, didn’t agree on the terms of ‘bro code’. 

It eventuates with Timm telling Matt that “no one likes him” and things quickly take a turn, with a producer stepping in to break up the confrontation. 

Following the episode unfolding, many of the show’s cast have shared their thoughts and apologies for what went down. 


Following on from the confrontation, Renee took to Instagram to share how difficult the night was to watch back. “My heart is really sad tonight,” she wrote. “I do not condone violent behaviour but sometimes when you’re pushed and pushed by a group of alpha males, you eventually break.”

She added that she’s now in a “relationship free of narcissism” and free to “move forward.” 

“Please spare a thought for my beautiful girls who are having to watch themselves be lied to, manipulated by and likened to ‘carrots’ on national television. Sending all my love 💕” 


The last several weeks of Bachelor In Paradise has seen a demise of former fan favourite Timm, who continues to condone Ciarran’s double-standard views on ‘bro code’. He took to Instagram to share a video apologising for his actions, telling fans he’s learnt a lesson from the experience. 

“I’ve been getting a few nasty words and stuff written about me,” he said. “I just want jump on here and clarify that I don’t think women are objects at all. I don’t make misogynistic comments, you don’t see me sleeping around, what I will say is that I’ll 100% own that I speak out of line, I am a child sometimes.”

He continued, “I understand it’s a TV show, I understand it’s highly edited, what you don’t see is me getting up first thing in the morning and apologising to both Matt and Renee.”



Before the episode even aired, Matt took to social media to apologise for his part in the events. 

I’m apologising in advance for losing my temper on tonight’s episode,” he wrote. “I couldn’t sit back any longer i had to speak up. I’ve learnt a lot and I know the bigger man would just sit back and not retaliate. We live and we learn.”

Matt also commented on Timm’s video, saying: “I will always respect someone that can own their actions, shake my hand and apologised. And that’s exactly what you did to me so no hard feeling for the words you spoke about me.” 



Continuing with his “I did nothing wrong” stance, Ciarran took to Instagram not to apologise, but to share a cryptic message.

Not my job to expose the fake. In due time they expose themselves,” he wrote. 


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