Bachelor In Paradise’s Elora Says She Never Loved Apollo

And opens up about how she really feels about Meghan

You’ve got to feel for the Bachelor in Paradise contestants who don’t arrive on set until everyone’s already coupled up – third wheeling on national TV is never a good look. Take Elora – after she was flown to Fiji only to sit in a hotel for a week, waiting for her turn to join the show, she knew she’d have her work cut out for her when it came to finding a man.

“I was upset when I found out I wasn’t going in until so late,” she told marie claire this morning. Below, she opens up about how she still feels “bitter” about her experience in Paradise, her friendship with Meghan and her new boyfriend – Apollo who?

Were you happy with the way you were portrayed?

I’m just going to hold onto the fact that I had a lot of fun. The way they portrayed me was a little intense, but in the end I look like someone who knows what they want, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Was it an accurate representation of how you pursued Apollo?

I’d say it was 50 per cent truth. The moment that Apollo and Simone were a thing, I respected that. But it wasn’t really fair that I wasn’t allowed to get to know him from the start –  the plan was for all of us to get to know each other and feel free to see who’s a good match, but I didn’t really get that chance. 

Have you spoken to Simone since the show?
No. For Simone to be so territorial and for me to all of a sudden not have the right to pursue Apollo was not right.

You said something about how you’ll always love Apollo – do you still feel that way?

I never loved Apollo, I’ve always felt like he was a great guy, now I don’t think I ever got to explore anything with him. But I’m with someone wonderful right now who ticks all my boxes. 

You have a new boyfriend! What’s he like?

He’s not famous, which is even better actually – he’s a real person! He’s from Napoli and he’s been in Sydney for about five years. He treats me like a queen. We met at a festival I was hired at to spin fire.

How did you feel when Channel 10 hinted that you and Meghan got together?
It never bothered me because I’m flattered first of all, Meghan is absolutely stunning, she’s one of my best friends and she always had my back. I just felt bad because it felt like it was pushing it to use it to promote something that was not real.

Would you go on a reality show again?

I never really say no to anything, but right now I feel a little bit hurt watching it, it’s a little bit hard. I feel bitter, I say I’ll never do it again now, but who knows?

Who do you feel bitter towards?
I feel bitter towards Simone. I think it wasn’t really fair of her, she completely forgot that we were friends, that Paradise is a game of getting to know everyone. I had every right to get to know Apollo, as did everyone else coming in. She twisted the whole plot and made it really negative. They should have shown more love on the show.

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