The Bachelor In Paradise Producers Didn’t Want Us To Know About ‘Prank Week’

But Leah is ready to talk

Forget waiting around for another rose ceremony – Leah Costa finally took matters into her own hands on last night’s Bachelor in Paradise, walking out the door after days of threatening to leave.

Months after filming wrapped, Leah remains happy with her decision to leave the show – even more so now she has a new boyfriend (more on him below). She dished all the details to marie claire this morning, clearing up what really happened with Eden’s letter to Elora (spoiler: it wasn’t entirely him).

Were you happy with the way you were portrayed on the show?

I wish my exit was shown more, but it was a lot more fair than my first season. Doing reality TV they’re never going to show you saying nice things or show other people saying nice things about you. But at least in Paradise they show different sides to people and no-one was made out to be the villain.

Any scandals we didn’t see?

There was a certain letter… 

You mean the letter that Eden wrote Elora?

The truth is it was part of a prank week. Lots of jokes were played, jokes were played on Lisa, on Keira, on me…. you get bored in Paradise! So the letter was part of prank week, and it was supposed to a lot more light-hearted than it was made out to be on television.

Is there truth to the rumour that Sam and Tara actually wrote it?

It was more that a lot more people were involved. But I don’t think it’s helpful to name names.

You have a new boyfriend who you’ve said people will recognise  – is he a former Bachelor contestant?

He’s not.

Has he appeared on reality TV?

He has.

What can you tell us about him?

He’s everything I’ve been looking for. I’m still counting my blessings. We met years ago but then we ran into each other recently and we’ve reconnected.

How does he compare to the guys in Paradise?

There’s no comparison!

I get the feeling you want to keep this relationship private?

For now, yeah. I’m sure it will come out eventually, it always does, but for now it’s nice to keep it private.


What’s next?

Just real life – I’ll never do reality TV again, that’s for sure. It’s time to start working in the real world.

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